Monday, February 25, 2013

Where is Shahbag

Now the most discussed topic is Shahbag. Not only in Bangladesh. People around the world want to know the Shahbag fact. People want to know where is Shahbag.

Shahbag is located near the Sorwardi Udhan.or Sorwardhy Park. This is the most important and historical place in Dhaka. For various reason this place is important to all kinds of professional. Pakistani forces signed departure treaty at the moment of their defeat during the Independence war of Bangladesh.

Sheikh Mujub deliberated his first 7th march vason(speech) from this park. This is the only park in Dhaka city where many tourist come to take taste of green. It is the best place to hide yourselves from noisy environment of Dhaka.

Many important offices, education institutes, hospitals are located in this premises. National Museum, Art College, Public library, TSC, Kabi Nazrul's tomb, Diabetic hospital, (BIRDEM), PG hospitals, Shishu park, Dhaka Club are located here. It is very closed to Dhaka University Library and Dhaka University.

Teacher, students gather daily to spend most of their idle time here. Considering its historical location teachers students, tourist and all kinds of people gather here to take a fresh breath. On the otherhand this  is less traffic congested area in the Dhaka city. So, blogger decision to stay in the Shahbag area  is the right choice.

From this premises blogger has started their procession and rally for demanding death penalty of all Rajakar of Bangladesh. The major cause of this rally  was the demanding of  proper judgement of war criminal. Probably the high court judge was influenced by the government or by international power to decrease the punishment of War criminal.

Blogger are independent. They are free from politics and corruption. They are honest and sincere to express their views and opinion in their writings. They did not tolerate any injustice. That's why the Shahbag gathering of bloggers.

People of Bangladesh like bloggers. That's why people around the country are supporting bloggers  very cordially. They have welcomed shabag rally of bloggers. Most of the newspapers are partial or they have political link but bloggers have no any political link. Most of them are out of political link. They write what they see in their blogs.They expressed their feeling in the blog. The 100% pure and genuine news can be heard from blog reading.

Political parties and Government should take a good lesson from this Bloggers rally at Shahbag. Blogger does not like criminal and traitor.. It is first expression of their dissatisfaction for corruption and injustice including all other issues.It is  warning too to all political parties and government. Demanding of prpoper judgement is a very mere issue to them.

Most of the bloggers are educated. Most of them are graduate or university student. They are aware about what is happening in Bangladesh. Most of them are not happy on Bangladeshi traditional politics. Because in last 42 years they did not see any remarkable development of the country. They have watched jealousy politics, self-party love, corruption etc.

Removing unemployment and low wages are two major demand  of bloggers in Bangladesh. Due to unemployment and low wages the differences between poor and rich is going up. They want to see proper distribution of property. They do not like to see Mercedes benz and BMW car and rickshaw together in the street. They like to see good bus services along with Taxi. They like to see good public transportation service of the country specially in major cities.

From the beginning of its Independence they have been hearing the promise only but no implementation of those promises. That's why the bloggers do not like any old political parties in Bangladesh. They want to see new power, new vision, new leadership.

Traffic jam, Air pollution, Footpath jam, poor transportation, malnutrition, essential product price rising, unemployment problem,  excessive business dependence, no strong industrialization policy and implementation, load shading are major problems in Bangladesh. For a long time blogger have been watching those problems. No Government or political parties has shown good performance to solve those problem.

People of Bangladesh do not like to see those problem any more. Most of the bloggers are son/daughters of freedom  fighters. So, they are expressing their dissatisfaction of their forefathers feelings in this shabag summit. This is a first historical and memorable  summit of bloggers in Bangladesh. It will be written as a young generation's first peacefull protest against all political parities and government at the leaf of Bangladesh history.

We hope the 2013 Shahbag possession is a first journey of Bangladeshi protesters to snatch their right from the state. It will encourage our next generation to work more spontaneously in coming years. After meeting their demand of hanging war criminal they will be encouraged to participate in new movement to get back their fundamental right.