Saturday, February 25, 2012

What are the causes of Malnutrition

"Almost half of all children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years – a critical age for development – were found to be not receiving the minimum meal frequency, with two-thirds of them not meeting the minimum dietary diversity of at least four food groups daily" the WFP report said.

Yes it is true People have no money to buy food. How they will follow the minimum dietary diversity of food. Most of the village people are hands to mouth. Only harvesting time they get opportunity to earn money another season they have to pass very hard days. So, jobless is the major causes of malnutrition among others.

This is not new. Silently for years this silent and hidden germ has been attacking in Bangladesh. If you come in Malaysia it will be cleared. 15-40 years all young man have come here to work in Bangladesh. When they gather with each other nationalities in a certain area it shows who are Bangladeshi people. It clearly indicates that Bangladeshis are facing malnutrition problem. Their physical structures show the effects of hunger in their childhood.

The major causes of this malnutrition in Bangladesh is unemployment problem. They do not have working facilities all the year. Excessive dependence on agriculture and poor industrialization policy of bd govt.  Stealing culture of foreign aid among political leaders and bd govt. Those are the major causes of malnutrition in children.
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