Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawker Free Footpath

Footpath is a place for passerby to walk freely. In busy city life freely walking on the footpath is a fundamental right of city dwellers. But unfortunately the people are deprived from this right in Dhaka. Illegal footpath business has become a tradition of hawker in Dhaka.

 Almost all government in different period has showed their failure attitude to present hawker free or free footpath for city dwellers in Dhaka. Recently it is observable that in the eve of ICC World cup championship tournament the government has showed the good performance to present free footpath. For the time being the people of Dhaka city are feeling fine. Freely they are walking on the footpath.

The people of Dhaka are worry about the existence of free footpath at the end of ICC Cup 2011. May footpath will be occupied by the hawkers again. People's life will be stabled or stopped in the footpath. They will not be able to walk freely again. But it is their special fundamental right and claim to Government getting neat and clean footpath in Dhaka.

Dhaka is a mega city. To keep pace with population the enough facilities including transport, over-bridge, underpass, flyover, bus stop cottage, taxi, cng, and enough quality footpath have not been made. Poeple are facing tremendous problems to move from here to there in Dhaka.

The capital city is the focus point of administration of the Government. It expresses the country's overall situation. It is the mirror of Government. People observe carefully government's activity in the mega city. People has voted and selected most of the MP's from Awamileague to see a nice Dhaka. If the government is failed to do that, then the People will not cast their vote again in the next election.

People are watching government silently. They do not like any bribery scandal which can directly hit on people's heart. Illegal Footpath business increases people's struggle and pain to walk on the road. They never tolerate any more disadvantages on the road and footpath. Government, police and political  linking are the major causes of illegal footpath business.  Government should care and respect of  people's feeling. To hold  power longer  the government must work honestly and sincerely.

We congratulate the government for the time being to see the hawker free footpath. But the Dhaka is not for foreign tourist only. Dhaka is a city of Bangladesh. So, Government has to assure to Bangladeshi people that they can remove any kind of illegal business from the footpath of Dhaka city forever.

To rehabilitate the large number of illegal hawker in another place rather than footpath the government can use the stadium or open public place to set up their business. They can introduce night market too in different place. They can follow ideology of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore about night market.

The people of Dhaka city do not want to see any more illegal footpath business. They want to walk freely. In this regard government's respective group must think seriously about this sensitive issue. If they can do it, then the government will be respected by the people of Dhaka as well as people of Bangladesh.
Enjoy video of illegal footpath business