Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel Agency in Dhaka

Travel agency in Dhaka is one of the common search to the air traveler. There are 9 Local airlines in Bangladesh.Without BG there are few international airlines. So, to travel abroad local businessman or Bangladesh tourists have to depend on foreign airlines.

Travelers do not like to go Far or airlines office to take ticket. On the other-hand Bangladeshi travelers are not familiar to online payment too. Restriction of using international credit card they cannot buy also ticket from online. So, ultimately they go to local travel agency to buy  their tickets. Dhaka people go to Dhaka travel agency to buy their tickets in Dhaka.
Following are the top travel agency in Dhaka.
  • Nishu Travel Agency
  • Meraj Travel Agency
  • Karnaphuli Travel Agency
  • Sundarban Travel Agency- Hatir pool,Dhaka Near Sonargaon hotel
  • Fly Soon International
  • Choice Travel agency
  • Munni Travel  Agency  North badda, Gulshan,
  • Orbital Travel Agency
  • Tour and travel
  • New York Travel Agency
To find your popular travel agency in Dhaka simply type the travel agent name in search box, then you will get the agent address from online.