Saturday, February 25, 2012

Malnutrition Solutions

Solutions of Malnutrition:
BD Government should take immediate long term base industrialization policy like Automobile and electronics industry establishment. Surrounding a automobile industry many other assistant factories will be built up which will assure the employment opportunity all over the country.

Government should take proper step to demolish business and importing attitude from our society. Too much dependence  on importation is enough to destroy a country's overall economic situation. Present malnutrition UNICEF report is bright example of that.

Government should think this sensitive issue seriously. To build up proper and prosperous Bangladesh there is no substitute of Industrialization. At the same time the bd govt should take strong steps for fighting against corruption.

If we want to implement Bangladesh's first president's dream to build up sonar bangla we need active and real patriot who's heart become hurt to see the poor and distressed people's health. When people will have money they will be able to buy nutritious food and malnutrition will be removed from this country.
Government should introduce new laws in favor of industrialization. Easy Bank loan for manufacturing sector on the other-hand strict laws for business loan should be implemented. Government should also encourage to create new investors.

There's  should be compensation policy for new comers in industrial sector. Elite group and leading group will assure that domestic product will be sold in local market. In this regard bd govt should stop or impose high Tex on foreign products. If govt can assure the industrialization, then unemployment will be removed from our country and malnutrition will also be removed.
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