Sunday, June 4, 2017

Local Transport in Dhaka

Dhaka transport
Dhaka is a mega city. Around one crore people live in this city. The economic status of the people also have been improved but city facilities is still in poor condition. Specially the government did nothing for development of local transport in Dhaka city.

The weather is changing very rapidly. This year temperature has raised into 40 degree Celsius. Considering the weather changing trend communication system should also be developed. Government should introduce AC public bus service for the city dwellers.

People are ready to pay more for comfortable journey but government is silent to give that opportunity to the people. Now the most neglected area is local transport in Dhaka as well as other divisional cities in Bangladesh.

Traffic jam is another extra struggle for Dhaka dwellers. They have to wait in bus hours after hours in this hot season. There is no fan also in local bus services. So, the people are becoming sick and losing their energy to work.
Dhaka trafic jam

Worldwide there is a taxi service in mega-city but the elite group, politicians and planners in Bangladesh are failed to introduce good taxi service in the city. They are running in luxurious Prado or Pajaro car but how common people are travelling it is not their thinning issue.

CNG is the only vehicle for the Dhaka dwellers who cannot ride the public bus. But in the summer it is another trap to become ill in the road. Bad conductor raxin(Plastic) are used at the roof of the CNG which absorve heat in the head of the people. So, CNG is not the comfortable vehicle to travel in the city. So, the CNG can be redesigned for comfortable journey. The roof can be changed at least which do not conduct heat inside the CNG.

luxurious car in Dhaka

Prime Minister, Minister, Secretary, DG, Director, Justice and other elite groups are traveling very comfortably with luxurious car but their brothers, sisters, parents are traveling after pouring heavy sweat from their body. Is it patriotism?

The government is showing dream about metro rail. But is it enough comparing with the population of  Dhaka city? The respective authority should also develop bus services in the city. At least they should force the bus owners to use fan in the bus. The government should also develop taxi services in the city. They can also invite foreign investors to invest in this sector.

I think the government will take extra care  this very important issue as a part of increasing city facilities for city dwellers in Bangladesh.