Monday, January 10, 2011

Public Health is in Great Risk

Zatrabari, Saidabad and Gulistan Flyover's construction work is going on. We appreciate government's decision to start this essential traffic jam removal bridge from the southern part of the city. At the same time we criticize government's respecting group, ministry of health, the contractors and the fly over maker for not caring about public health in this area.

Now it is dry season in Bangladesh. So almost all roads in Dhaka city is covered with sand and dust. Specially in flyover building area, due to over cutting roads and footpath the dust has been spreading all over the area. So, it is seen always the dust storm in the zatrabari and saidabad area. People in this area are in great danger from various diseases including lung cancer, heart diseases, asthma or other breathing a and dust related diseases.

The tender winer who have been working for flyover are not thinking this issue. At the same time government's respecting department are also not thinking to this vital health related issue which can be reduced by a simple job that is water throwing. To do this they can use water throwing car regularly and timely. So, dust will not fly and public health will not be so harmful.

At the same time pople's life in this area are disturbed by traffic jam. So, more traffic police and surgeon and traffic inspector should be employed in this area to reduce traffic jam. People of southern cities like Chittagong, Comilla, Noakhali and nearby dhaka dwellers are wasting a long time in this area.

For a long time at the end of Janapath more highway bus stop has been built up. Traffic police and Government has made a artificial traffic jam in Saidabad due to illegal parking on the street. At least at flyover making time the illegal high way parking place should be removed immediately from the Janapath moor. In this respect we are expecting government's pragmatic interference.

At the same time we will expect from the authority to complete the flyover making job withing the period, without any delay or negligence. Because this area is very crowded and everyday millions of people have to pass this important crossing moor. People will enjoy the long awaited aspiration of remobal of traffic jam from this largest flyover of Zatrabari and Saidabad area.