Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Education of Rural Area in Bangladesh

Education standard of Bangladesh is different in village and town. From British period village people are neglected in various sector. Including others education is a major neglected sector in village area. From ancient time this traditional education system has been running in remote area. So, no enough talents are coming out from rural area.

More than eighty percent guardian are unable to take care their children in village. They do not know what their children are studying in the school. On the other hand due to attending many students in a class it is also not possible for a teacher to take care all students properly. So, teachers are just following the traditional presence in school.

Only those students are getting proper teaching and realize their textbook properly whose guardian are educated or financially able to keep private tutor. But 80% family in the village are illiterate and poor. They have no money to keep private tutor and do not know how to take care their children.

Due to proper guidance and ignorance of parents many students stop their study after bad result in SSC. Not only that who pass from village school and collage most of them later do not get chance to read in top ranking university like Dhaka University, BUET, Medical College, Army officer and others. So ultimately village students are staying back to get higher degree.

As a democratic country this should not be. Education is a fundamental right for all Bangladeshi citizen. But what are happening in Bangladesh? To show proper respect to the village poor and illiterate people Bangladesh Government should take a research about this topic. How many village students are getting chance to study in top class college, university or other professional institute?

We can guess that village student's basic knowledge are not matured, weak, their learning is incomplete, that's why they do not get opportunity to study in top class university. Who will take care it? It is a national claim of villagers. Of course it is responsibilities of ministry of Education. It is duty of Prime minister to make change of this situation.

In this regard following steps should be taken.

Employ more teachers and make smaller of all classes (five to 10 students per class)
If necessary try to introduce two shifts in school to make the class less crowded
Make pressure on teachers to build up a student's basic knowledge on each subject.
Run financial assistance for poor villagers to let their children study to continue
Issue village student loan from primary to University level
Make a special fund for all schools in the country. At least ten students from each class of of each school will be take cared by that fund.

We do not like to hear any more lectures of Politician we want to see work. All governments say they love village but in practically they are doing zero. Village is our base. To make revolutionary change in village we need well structured village family. A young university graduate can lead his family properly. In this regard Government should help to build up a university graduate from poor village family.

A highly educated and well established son can be a future great source to change a family's overall situation. So to get permanent and real development in village area government should think how they can present a good son in a family. Villagers do not like donation. They want to see their son or daughter well established. They want it heart and soul. But they have no knowledge and money to do that.

Bangladesh is a poor country in the world. We do not like to hear this word. We want to escape from this situation. We want to see our social , financial, educational and national growth. Without direct financial help Government should present a young university graduate or professional graduate who can be not only the backbone of family but he will be the future asset of Bangladesh.