Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Day 2014 Review and Lesson

teaching of may day
May Day is the historic day. May day lesson is very important to the labors. It motivate the labors . This day reminds us the workers right. It encourages workers to establishes their right. The hey market incident is very significant to developing countries. Oppression on the workers are going on randomly in the developing countries around the world. We hope this day will encourages the suppressed workers around the world.

Like other developing countries Bangladeshi workers are deprived of their fundamental rights. Recently sudden increasing of salary of garments workers is the bright example of that. It is a great achievement of Bangladesh garments workers in the country. We appreciate our garments workers efforts that at least they have establish their partial right though it is not enough. It was possible for protesting and combating against the company owners.

So, there is no substitute of protest to snatch right. In this regard we appreciate different international organizations who are supporting Bangladeshi labors to establish their rights. Recent Rana Plaza incident are forcing the garments owners in the country to develop the overall working environment of the factory. Many European organizations are inspecting the garments factory and suggesting to stop those garments which are in vulnerable situation. It is probably good teaching of May day

We are grateful to our heroes who died at Hay market in Chicago city of America. Their inspiration will help ill fated workers and trade union to establish their right year after year. We feel proud of our heroes who devoted their lives in 1886.
may day lesson

May day reminds us the Hay market incident. In 1886 workers hit  the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in Chicago, the factory that made farm equipment including the famous McCormick Reaper. The workers on strike demanded an eight-hour workday, at a time when 60-hour work weeks were common. The company locked out the workers and hired strikebreakers, a common practice at the time.

Now in some places some some companies are forcing the workers to work more than eight hours but they do not pay. It is illegal and abusing and violating of international labor law. Labor should be paid if they work after eight hours. May day lesson can be their good guidance.

To teach the greedy company like Mc Cormic government should take steps. Because most of the company owners are from elite groups. Most of them are too much selfish. Only combined labors protest along with national and internal organizations efforts and  aid can help to establish oppressed labor rights around the world.