Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About Labor Day

Labor day is today. It is also known as May day.  Every year May the first is observed as a labor day. It is a historical day. This is the day for world population. This day is for all. This day returns to us every year to remind our duty in this day. This day reminds us to show respect to them who died in Hey market in Chicago city in America.

To establish labor's right some American labors died in hey market in 1886. So, it’s also a day to thank an American worker. This day came from the struggle and sacrifice of the American worker. But now this day is not for only American labor. This day is for world labor. This day for world. 

Like other developing countries Bangladesh has been facing to ensure labor's problem. There is no effective working time and wages for  workers. Recently Taka 3000 has been fixed for eight hrs work. This is very mere amount to live on. At least taka 10,000 needs to live very poorly. But to earn Taka 10,000 a garment worker will have to work 16-20 hrs.

So, in this country labor's right are violated strongly. No factory owner will give legal wages to the garment worker. In this regard trade union and governments buyers hould come ahead to assure labor's minimum right. Jointly they can set a minimum wages considering the present market value and commodities price.

No, steps have been taken yet. Every year house rent is going up but keep pace with house rent and commodities price salary is not increased.  So, labor in Bangladesh are living in extreme below of life standard. 

In this regard top label buyers around the world who are taking garments products from Bangladesh can create pressure on Bangladesh Government and Garments owner to ensure labor's right in Bangladesh.Otherwise it  will stay longer labor unrest in Bangladesh.

Not only about wages and working time there is another big problem the resource management. Working environment specially the low grade building which are using as a garments factory in many places. Recently Savar tragedy remind us how workers are helpless in  Bangladesh.

Bangladesh politics is the another major problem to build up strong labor law in this country.  For greater welfare all political parties should sit in a table but from the beginning of creation of Bangladesh this is not seen in Bangladesh politics. This proves that Bangladehi political parties are busy to build up their own people and their own parties. They do not think about the country, they do not think about common people.
Recent strike culture and political unrest are bight example of it.

Finally government's steps, industrialist's patriotism, buyers willing, and trade union's combined efforts can establish labor's proper right in Bangladesh. All Bangladeshi people expect this in heart and soul. If the above mentioned groups can do that the labor day celebration will be fruitful otherwise it will be wasting of time and nonsense speculation  about labors welfare in Bangladesh in a labor day.