Monday, May 13, 2013

Rana Plaza Tragety in Bangladesh

The rescue operation of Rana Plaza has ended in May 12, 2013. It is a historical devastating incident in Bangladesh Industrial sector.  According to the final statistic 2438 live and 1115 dead boy has been recovered from the incident.

Due to constructive error and lac of building management and maintenance problem the building was collapsed and huge number of casualty was occurred. Building owner and garments owner and authority are responsible for this  kind of catastrophe in Bangladesh.

All Bangladeshis are shocked and mourned at this incident. It is not a game. It is a question about life. Life is invaluable to us. Government cannot compensate fully of it. or relatives of the victim. Those who are alive more than 700 of them are wounded. They cannot be employed. They will not back their normal life. So, as a family and social burden they will live for life term.

What is the teaching of Rana Plaza collapse?
Rana plaza has snatched more than thousands of life and wounded several thousands. So, this kind of accident is not acceptable to none of us. We do not want to see this kind of incident in near future. For this reason people want to see proper judgement of this kind of killing offense committed by garments owner. People want to hanging death of garments owner who are responsible for killing innocent garments worker.

people want to see death sentence of Rana Plaza owner without any delay. Judgement process in Bangladesh is very slow. Year after year people have to wait to get judgement declaration. But it is a specail case. People want to see rapid action. We hope government will do this within short time other wise the government will loose its popularity.

After finishing judgement procedure what are the next steps? Next step should be to stop repeating of this kind of accident. What are the possible things should be done by the government? In my opinion governemtn should take the following things:
  • Making a special team (ST)for finding the risky buildings in Garments Industry
  • ST will study the soil test and building code or building plan
  • Removing garments industry where soil test and building codes are not followed properly
  • Make substitute of those garments industry who are in great risk position.
  • Build up separate garments processing zone.
Now it is a question to all city dwellers in Bangladesh. What about other industries or offices which are located in high rising building? What about apartment industry in Bangladesh? Are the people safe in those apartment who adopted illegal means to build their building?

So, it is high time for building a strong committee who will take care regularly to stop those high rising office and apartment which are in great risk.Only government can do this. It is not possible for private organization or individual.

We do not want to see playing with life. We do not want to see those culprit who like to play with people's life. So, when any fault will be found the building owner and respective authority should be punished. The real punishment of dishonest building owner can establish an excellent example to stop this kind of pathetic incident from Bangladesh.

Rana Plaza teaches us about Corruption and dishonesty policy of Bangladeshi people. We all should be honest and respect to our law and rules. Law, rules, instructions are made for welfare for our life. This is universal truth. Government will have to establish this practice among the people.

What are your responsibilities? As a employee you have nothing to do that. However when you see bad wording environment you should keep far from those job. When you will go to buy an apartment then of course you should check the following thigs.
  • Check Rajuk or city corporation plan
  • Check building owner's copy of plan and match with city corporation or Rajuk's approval copy 
  • Check soil test report with proper validation authority
  • Talk with the validation authority about the soil test.
  • Check the earth quake protection policy
If you are not satisfied on the above report then stop to purchase an apartment from the that builder.