Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bangladesh Passport l How to Get a Passport Bangladesh?

How to Get MRP Passport Bangladesh-Review

Bangladesh Passport has great demand to the people of Bangladesh. Passport is a document which is essential for going abroad.People of Bangladesh have to struggle a lot to get a passport.There is all the year and always a long line in front of passport office. Though government has made some improvement to deliver passport but still it is in very bad condition. 

Recently government has introduced online passport application form submission for receiving passport. But there is no extra benefit of it rather people have to struggle more than off line submission. After submission application online you will have to go passport office for verification with hard copy.

The bad thing of that is you have to take print of your online filled form again which comes from passport office with a serial number in a replying message. Two copies of attested photographs are also necessary as well as two copies of applications. 

Along with photographs and application you will have to submit your ID card photo copy,/birth certificate, trade license, TIN certificate, employment letter etc. All of these documents must be attested by first class officer or by a notary public.

Two copies application should be submitted. Both will be attested. When you will go to submit your application Room no 304 at second floor of south building do not forget to take serial number from army security check which is located at ground floor.

When you will go to the second floor an officer will check the form very carefully. They are like machine. They do not have any excuse. If there is any little mistake or discrimination simply application will be rejected. You will have to go another day to submit your application again after correction. It’s really annoying job.

I saw a lot of people were oppressed and treated very badly when they go to submit their forms. I saw around 40-50 percent’s people’s application were rejected by showing lame causes by the officer. This is really very bad and difficult place for them who go to submit their application for online. I had to go two days for submitting the online application for passport office in Bangladesh.

I have very bitter experience during application form submission time. I do not understand what the benefit of online submission is. Like others you will have to wait in long line with printed application along with all others documents after submission online. This is not environment friendly system in Passport office in Bangladesh.

From room no 304 you will have to go to take serial for giving photo in room no 102. It is really good exercise. But sometimes it creates extra pain  for old men and women.

Government has many things to develop the service. At least online submitter’s applications should be treated differently. It should be stopped of practicing of printing of application. Rather they can request the client to upload the necessary documents against their serial number along with application. to get Bangladesh Passport  It will much more environment friendly.

After submitting application you will have to go photograph section to give photo and finger trips. This time you will get slip. In this slip passport delivery date will be written.

Cost of Bangladesh Passport :
Now you can get Bangladesh passport for taka 3000. Time is one month. However if you want to get passport withing 15 days then the cost is taka 6000. It is good income source of Bangladesh Government.

Police verification: This is the place probably you cannot exceed it without giving some thing. I have already reviewed about this community in  Bangladesh. After submitting application few days/weeks later you will be called by police. Then they will request you to go to them to meet. They will not come to meet with you. I don't know how will you face this meeting. However do not pay them too much. Maximum 500 is enough.

Delivery date: This is another bad day. You will have to wait 3 -5 hours in the line to get your passport. After receiving mobile or email message you will have to go to take your passport. It is divided into two parts. First you will have to deposit your slip and later you will have to wait for another 2-3 hrs to get delivery your passport. In this session mike’s noise make headache.

  • ·Now there is less corruption in the passport office because of army persons control the process.
  • ·Good messaging system
  • Less passport brokers in the premises
  • ·Online application submission plus hard copy submission
  • ·Applicants waiting rooms condition is very bad (sitting arrangement and fan should be there)
  • ·Using mike make sound pollution
  • ·There is no date in the sms/emailing system
Comment: There are many disadvantages in the passport office though army is deployed. There are many mismanagement systems in the passport office. The authority should avoid using mike which make unexpected headache. People have to hear long time high miking noise which is very harmful for health. 

Now the authority is using mike in a small room for calling people to collect their passport.It can be changed by using display system calling procedure (Grameen phone customer care may be followed). 

To avoid extra jam authority should call limited numbers of applicants to collect their passport. If necessary day and night shift can be introduced. However we hope Passport authority will introduce easier and comfortable system to deliver passport to the people. We hope authority will bring better method of Bangladesh Passport delivery system.