Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grameen Phone 121 Customer Care

121 is a customer care phone number of Grameen Phone in Bangladesh. Grameen phone pre paid users can get  information from that number. Phone users can connect with customer care officer from that number. So, it is very important for grameen phone users.

 You have to pay 50 paisa for one minute calls. Usually in my life i did not connect with this number without waiting few minutes. So, calling this number means you have to pay minimum few taka. It is a great income for grameen phone company.

In the name of service they are oppressing the grameen phone users. This mobile operator are taking money by force from its subscribers. As a grameen phone users I am critising this kind of policy of grameen phone. Grameen phone should provide this service free of cost.

When you call to 121 you have to wait at least few minutes. That means you have to pay for that unnecessary minutes for taking service from the mobile phone Operator. Probably they do not have enough staffs to receive call or this is their policy to keep you on the line and cutting money from your sim's balance.

As the largest mobile operator Grameen phone should develop the service in 121 call center. They can reduce the call rate or they can offer it free of cost or at least they should have enough staffs to receive call instantly without waiting.

Airtel, Robi, Bangla link, City cell and GP are the major mobile operators in Bangladesh. For network grameen phone is the leading phone operator in Bangladesh but due its poor customer care the company can loose its subscribers.