Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review Bangladesh Police

The abbreviation  of police is a combination of few great virtues. But how those virtues are reflecting in the activities of  police? It is hard that police are friend of people but probably we are far from those valuable word. Now police are the Friend of government. They  are the servant of ruling party in any country.

In my forty years life I gathered some experiences about police in Dhaka. For various unexpected incident I had to go police station, DC office, IG office, But I did not receive any result. So, now it is seemed to me that I have wasted some valuable time and money following the police.

To go abroad I was cheated by a false man power agent. I informed the police and made a GD entry but police could not help me to recover my money. Another day I lost 4 lac taka from CNG and informed the police but police could not help me. Another day I was cheated taka 4 lac by a cheater group, I informed the police but they could not help me to recover my money?

You may ask money recovering is not job of police. When you are showing that he  is a a cheater and he has cheated money then it should be treated by police seriously. Police should arrest the cheater. Police is the real person to recover money form the cheater. For this reason you should not go to court.

If there is any limitation of law of police then, police should be powered to recover money and help the victims instantly or directly. In this regard government should consider to revise the police law. Government should introduce new police laws to help citizen more closely.

 I am a loser. I have no ability to go court to waste money and time. So, as a victim it should be my fundamental right to take police help to get back my money. But successively though three incidents have happened in my life I could not get any help from Bangladesh police.

As a citizen it is my right to get help from police. But it is a matter of frustration. Like me probably no victims are helped by police.  After happening any incident if you go to police station you have to come back with frustrated mind. Like me most victims are helpless. Most of them are loser. Most of them do not get back their money. Most of them are crying silently like me.

I had a good business of mobile phone. But after cheat I lost all of my money. I lost my shop. Now I am hands to mouth. I am passing very difficult  time to feed my four members family. To recover my money I spent more than one year behind police but I am failed. Police could not help me. I am frustrated about police in Bangladesh.

Not only I, a huge number of people believe that Police in bd are corrupted and they do not help people. Recently a report from transparency International followed by BDNEWSLIVE declare that true story of  Bangladesh police.

What about you? Do you have any experience about police?  You can express your opinion by submitting comments at the end of this post.