Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rana Plaza Collapses at Savar in Dhaka

Rana Plaza incident is a great tragedy for Bangladesh. Savar is a neighbor city located 30 km away from Dhaka. Few months ago fire accident kills several hundreds of people in a fire accident of a garment factory. A building was collapsed last year. Again this year on April 24 a nine storied building has been collapsed. It is expected around several thousands people have been killed in this tragedy.

Why Savar Tragedy? The main reason of this tragedy is dishonesty of building owner and corruption policy of Savar city Corporation. The building owner took approval of six storied building but he built 9 storied building. According to BTB interview with Architect and Designer the main causes of collapsing of Savar building is no soil test, disobeying  planning and lac of supervising policy.

Savar city is a tragedian city at this moment. Several thousands of garments workers were working in several garments in this building during this collapse. Most of them were women. It is assuming server thousands garments workers are died in this incident. Dieing of several thousand means crying of several dozens thousands  of people  for long. Because one family is connected with a single dieing.

It is a matter of frustration to the people of Bangladesh how a newly constructed building can collapse.How a building owner can play with people;s life. Without caring authorities permission how a building can be built? This saver accident are making people frightened in  Bangladesh.

Who will take care of people's life? Definitely the answer is, it is Government's duty to take care of it. According to BD news 24 around 350 people died in building collapse in last 8 years. But has government  taken any special step to find out the causes of it? Did they make any  inspection team to find the criminal and hand over them to the court?

Now many house owners making their house according to their own thinking. They do not care about necessary testing and mechanical theory. They do not mix sand, cement, rod accordingly. They do not take soil test. They take permission for 6th storied building but they make 9-12 storied building.

It is high time to find those culprit who are killing people by making this type death trap. Not only the individual but many real estate companies are probably do not following the authorities approved design. They are violating  building making rules and regulation. They are thinking only their own profit. They do not think people's life.

Rana plaza incident at savar is a warning for government.  It is time  to build a special team for finding those building owner or real estate company who are making building illegally. People of Bangladesh do not like to see any more killing of people. They want to see proper implementation of building building rules. They do not want to see any more accident like Rana Plaza.