Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bangladesh Strike

Strike in Bangladesh is going on today. Today is 3rd July of 2011. Strike is called by opposition party BNP and it's allies parties. Awamileague govt has demolished caretaker government system. But BNP does not like to disable care-taking process during the election period of transition power. Not only that the opposition party also has some other issues of Hortal.

We are democratic country. It means administration of people. But People do not participate directly to exercise democratic system to introducing a new law. They have authorized their respective MP to do that.

When a Parliament is directed by respecting of all MP'S opinion, then it can be called a democratic parliament. But when it is run by only one party or combination of some of its blind followers then it diverts into a dictatorial government.

Bangladesh is running by a dictatorial government. Because another big party's presence or their opinion has no value. In another word it can be said that a large number people's opinion has been dishonoring by this government.

This is not called democratic practice. Bangladesh is not for a party or for some group of people. It is for all. Government should realize this simple math. So, they should care of all opinions to produce a new law.

On the other hand I will suggest BNP and some other followers to keep patient. They should go parliament. They should express their opinion inside parliament. They will have to show the people and probe that their opinion has been neglecting again and again in the parliament.

When they will be able to probe government's dictatorial attitude in the parliament, then ultimately their popularity will be increased. They should broaden their mind. They should look outside world, what opposition parties are doing for their people .

Both of Government and opposition party's target should be welfare of people and economic growth for the country. Nobody should hamper to gain those objects. If they can achieve these two objects they will be placed inside the people's heart otherwise people will think alternative