Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ilias Ali's Disappearance and Police

Ilias Ali, the rising political star of BNP has been disappeared on April 17, 2012 from his car. Though it is passing more than 10 days but still there is no good news about his recovery. In the mean time three days hortal or strike has been celebrated in Bangladesh surrounding his disappearance.

Recently a news is published on Bangladesh Protidin which has attracted many peoples attention to that news. According to that news a Police Officer has seen that incident of kidnapping of Ilias Ali. When the Police officer was informed by a eye witness that a kidnap incident is happening in the lane of Mohakhali area.  To hear this he went to protest of it but he could not do his duty properly.

Here is a question of that police officer. It could be pulling of  finishing of that incident at the spot if Police Officer could do his duty properly. But he did not do that. The responsibility of Police officer could save a politician's life. It could resist strike culture in Bangladesh.

Actually this kind of incidents are happening very often in Dhaka city. Those incidents are surrounding by common people so those do not come to the focal point of discussion of the country. But this time a big incident has happened.  Probably it has crossed the negligence of police responsibility.

Police should be people's friend. Now the idea has been changed. Many incidents are happening like snatching, kidnapping, murdering, robbery etc in the city but may of them are not cared by police. It is a great concern of Bangladesh.

Due to lac of supervising policy on Bangladesh police probably it is happening. For long time these kinds of small incidents are not cared by respecting authority that's why the big kinds of incident are happening in the city.

In my previous blog post I have written about police and corruption. I think no change has happened yet. It is a great frustration of common people. This is expressing weak management system of State minister in Bangladesh. Present state minister is not aware of this kind of incidents or she knows but she does not care of this kind of incidents.

Police are not doing his duty properly in Bangladesh. I have bitter and practical experience about that. Once I was traveling by CNG at Dhanmondi area. But leaving my bag in the CNG  I got down from  the CNG in front of meena bazar at Dhanmondi 15. Just a minute behind I remembered that I did not take my bag from CNG. In the mean time the CNG has left the place. I lost take two lac in that incident.

I ran a while and after arrival to a crossing moor I requested a police surgeon to help me to hold the CNG by giving message from his wireless surrounding the Dhanmondi area. He did not response me. He advised me to go to Police station to take help. Then I realized and became frustrated about police.

My second incident was  money snatching incident. I showed the police who are the cheaters and snatchers. I went to the IG house, DC office, I wasted more than a year to the Gulshan and airport Police station. I went to the current imprisonment state minister's(Mr. Lutfuzzaman Babor) resident at Mintu road to help me to get back my money. I lost around Taka four lac through that incident.

I have a diary in Gulshan and Airport thana still now but I did not get back my money yet. Police could not help me to recover my money. My father was a freedom fighter. As a freedom fighter's son I am gathering this kind of experience in the capital city. It is really matter of frustration.

We have got independence after losing three million peoples in that war. Our father has fought against the outside enemy of the country but we are attacked by inside enemy of the country. Now it is time to fight against them.

Our society is attacked by germs. We have to clean those germs. Police is the number one germ among others. It is urgent. We have waited a long. We have passed 40 years. We have seen many pathetic incidents. No more. We do not want to see unexpected and terrible incident in our country.
 We want peaceful Bangladesh. We want people friendly and patriot police. Read more who has killed Ilius Ali