Monday, April 30, 2012

Who has Kidnapped Ilius Ali?

Ilius Ali, the political talent of BNP has disappeared on April 17. Government is failed to find  him out live or dead though it is passing 12 days of the incident. Surrounding Mr Ilius Ali's missing incident 5days hortal has been observed in Bangladesh strongly. In this strike no private car, Truck, Taxi ran on the streets of Dhaka. All shopping malls, business organizations were closed. In a word the people of Bangladesh had good support to this strike in Bangladesh,

Who was this Ilius? The whole Bangladesh is shocked to hear this missing news of Ilius Ali. He is not only a Organizing secretary of BNP. He was the powerful student leader in Dhaka University. During the strong movement against Military ruler H.M Ershad in 1990 Mr Ilius had good contribution. So, he is not only the leader of BNP he is the political talent of Bangladesh.

According to the Police officer's statement he was threaten by the abducting group when he was going to save the victim's life. Here is a question why he did not try his best to save Ilius's Life? As a police officer he should not come back from the incident. He should face the incident with heart and soul.

He could call other police forces to help him. But obviously he has showed negligence willingly or under pressure of the kidnapper backed by any domestic or international  power. So, we can come to a conclusion that he knows the kidnappers well or he does not know at all. 

If he knows the group, then it is his holy duty to disclose it. People of Bangladesh are awaiting to hear the real truth of the drama. If he does not know, then he should be punished by the state minister soon. It was his duty to protects people life from terrorist or stranger group.

Police should remember that he is paid by the hard earning money of the common people. Government is not paying from his forefathers fund. People are paying him but they will not save people's life it is not of course the teaching of police.

I think this police officer can be a good trace to pulling end the drama of Ilius Ali. But there is a lot of doubt about his life's security. So, International judgement can be arranged in this regard. At the same time government should take responsibility of his life security.

According to the last news of Ilius Ali no progress is done yet. On the other hand Prime minister also did not meet with Ilius family. As a opposition party's organizing leader he should meet with Ilius's family and express her condolence of his missing.

The people of Bangladesh do not want to see dirty political practice in the country. They want security of all kinds of people. Common people are worry about the missing incident of Ilius Ali. If it continues further, then Awamilegue will have to pay value of this kind of incident in future.

Finally, the people of Bangladesh want to see real clue of missing of BNP leader. At the same time they do not want to see any repeat of such kind of incident like Ilius Ali.
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