Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People House is Prohibited for People

Parliament house is a beautiful place in Bangladesh. Dhaka is one of the most populated city in the world. People feel very boar here in Dhaka. There is no recreational or public spot where people can gather on an open sky. Due to lac of open public space people cannot travel in the holiday or weekly holiday season and cannot take taste of open sky.

In this regard  parliament house or Jatiyo sangsod  can be a good place for people to pass their boaring life after day long hard working. People can take rest in a open field for a moment. Before this place was open for all. Now this place is guarded by police. People now cannot go  inside the sangsad  bhaban field.

Almost everyday thousands of people from Dhaka or from other parts of the country come here to see their most desired place the parliament house. After arrival here peoples are stand by here on the road. After a long journey they cannot sit here for a moment. People cannot go near the lake of  parliament house or even in the field of Sangsad.

Awamileague Government present policy about closing down sangsad bhaban for common people really hurt people's heart. This is people's property. This is people's place.  Government should not close it. Immediately Sangsad authority should open this place for people. This place is not for any certain political party or for any Government.

People of Bangladesh  choose the present Government  hopefully but Government's present activities in different sectors are frustrating people a lot. People are losing their faith on the present government. Air Pollution, Footpath business, Traffic Jam and Power shortage are few other factors which are decreasing the present government's popularity.

Bangladesh  or Dhaka  people are very unsatisfied to see the present Government's activities. Finally we hope present government will think to remove all of those problems immediately. They should open Parliament house  arcade for all. They should respect people by  working not by lecturing.