Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hawker Free Footpath in Dhaka

Hawker business in Dhaka's footpath is a common and bitter experiences of Dhaka dwellers. Farm-gate is one of the busiest area in Dhaka city. It is a transition point. People from various parts of Dhaka come here to exchange their road to arrive at various destination. For a long time footpath of this part of the city was occupied by hawker illegally. So people were suffering limitless problem in this important point.

People could not walk on the road easily. People's life was stable here. But now the picture of farmgate is different. On the eve of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 the Government has showed good performance to remove the illegal shoppers from the various footpaths like firmgate area. We appreciate present government's action.

People are happy to see this scenery of farmgate. But not for the ICC cricket world cup. We want to see this scene permanently. People of Dhaka city want to see hawker free farmgate as well as hawker free Dhaka to walk freely to move rapidly at their destination.

Not only the farmgate area but people of Dhaka want to see whole Dhaka as a hawker free city. In this regard government will has to commit with people to do it. If they can do it they will gather appreciation from the people of Dhaka but if they cannot do that the Government will loose it's image from the Dhaka dwellers.