Monday, October 11, 2010

Air Pollution in Dhaka

Air pollution in Dhaka
Dhaka is an over populated city in Bangladesh. Around 15 million people live in this city. Keep pacing with population the city was not built with proper plan. So, the city is full with various problems. Most of the city area is dirty, not enough transport system, not enough footpaths; people cannot walk in the footpath area due to illegal occupation of footpath and crossing moor in the city.
Causes of Air Pollution:-Black smoke is very harmful for public health. Used car specially expired vehicle are the main source of black smoke in Dhaka. Very old vehicles are silent killer of people in this city.
Government is failed to stop those date expired vehicle to run from the road. Corruption of traffic police, BRTA, and ministry of transport and communication are responsible for this reason
Effects of Air Pollution:- Due to dusty weather people are facing breathing problem like respiration problems, lung problem and asthma. Many peoples are dieing from asthma diseases in city area.
Like other problems air pollution is a serious problem in Bangladesh. Dusty air, scattered dustbin besides the road, unplanned housing policy, infrastructure policy, black smoke of mill factory, and vehicles are major causes of this air pollution. Most of the bus, truck, tempo, private car, taxi are unfit to run in the road.
Used car exporter and Bangladeshi used car importer has made this country as a gas chamber. They are thinking only their own profit. They are never thinking about common people’s health. They are destroying our health. They are throwing us to death.
Reduce Air Pollution:-Government’s strong feeling and willing for common people can resist this problem. It is a matter of regret that though we are passing almost forty years of our independence but no government has taken proper steps to establish automobile industry. Establishing automobile industry can assures the clean air over the country. At the same time unemployment problem will also be solved.
To protect this silent killer Government should take proper and pragmatic steps. Govt should stop to run those expired vehicle from the street. Simultaneously they should stop to import used car from other countries.
Conclusion of Air Pollution: So no more delay and no more negligence. People want free and clean air in Dhaka. They want immediate removal of used car from the city of Dhaka. If the Government can do it people will congratulate otherwise government will be criticized by the common people. The people of Bangladesh want to see new car and fresh air in the street of Dhaka.