Monday, April 25, 2016

People of Dhaka are Oppressed by Its Transport System

Dhaka's transport system is very very miserable condition. In this summer people are suffering enormous trouble in bus journey. Around 100 million peoples are living in this mega city. Comparing the number of people there are not enough bus and taxis in the city.

In this year the temperature are rising very often in 40 or 40 up. In this very  hot situation there is another trouble and that is traffic jam. Hot summer and traffic jam are making people's life very difficult.

People's income have increased and people are ready to spend money in transportation. They want comfortable journey. But there is not enough investment in local transport system from both the government and from private sectors.

Dhaka dwellers are frustrated to see the poor transport system in the city. After riding in the bus sweat are coming out because of very hot weather. People's life are exhausted. They are very helpless. specially bus passengers.

 There are many big buses but most of them buses have only one door. So, people are in great risk to travel by bus. I cannot imagine how those 50-60 seated bus got permission for using one doors only.I have also another articles about poor bus services in Dhaka.

Middle class people usually travel by bus. There is no alternative of this public transport still now. Though there are many rickshaw in the city but those three wheelers are not allowed to run in the VIP road.

People are crying and groaning for their disadvantages in this poor transportation system in Dhaka. Awamileague government lead by Hasina is failed to take proper development in the local transportation system. People are not happy specially middle class people are fade up on present government for poor transportation system.

Right now and on emergency basis several thousands AC bus is required in Dhaka city to protect peoples life from this tremendous heat weather in this summer. People are not sure how and who will take this responsibilities.

Government is showing dream to the people to get metro rail but it is not sure when it will be reality in their life. If it takes several years then as an alternative transportation system government should work with local private investors to bring a large  number of  AC buses in the street of Dhaka. Because people's life are in risk condition. They will be sick and their output will be decreased if continually they travel with non ac local bus in the hot weather.

Government is doing well in electricity production. At the same time it is also important to care about city dwellers health. People's health are in vulnerable condition due to sudden rising of temperature. What the elite groups are doing to face this problem? Peoples of Bangladesh want to know it. They want to see enough AC bus in the road. They want comfortable journey. They want to spend more money in transport but nobody is coming ahead to provide enough AC bus in the city.

There is another group who travels in CNG. This is another curse for the city dwellers. This CNG is  very poor quality vehicle in the city. The body of upper level of this CNG is raxin or plastic which become very hot in the sun light. Specially after 12 pm cng becomes very hot. So, riding CNG after 12 pm to 5 pm means you are riding in the hell. So, respective authority should reshape and redesign this vehicle. Using other things instead of using plastic in the body can be a good  alternative.

We want government will work for the people, they will bring changing in peoples life to keep pace with environment change but present transport condition has really frustrated people in the Dhaka city. We want rapid plan and decision from the Bangladesh authority to increase facilities in local transport.

In neighbor countries like Singapore, Malaysia  city people are enjoying comfortable journey. Concern authority can learn from them too.