Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bus Services in Dhaka is Risky.

Traveling on Big Bus is Risky in Dhaka
Riding on bus is risky in Dhaka

Many local big buses run in Dhaka city. But traveling on big bus is risky in Dhaka.  Dhaka is a megacity. More than 10 million peoples live here. People of Dhaka have been suffering travel since of its independence. There is no enough bus, taxi or other subway to move from one place to another. So, people have to suffer limitless struggle to go office or business organization.

Low quality bus, expired engine, not quality seats, no fan, not enough seats for ladies, no timetable to departure and no bus tents are the common problems of local transport system in Dhaka. 

Recently it is observed that some big buses (50-60 seated) are running in the city with using one door only. Though there are two doors but the bus owners have closed one door to save money from contractor. Usually two contractors work in the local bus service in the city area in the big bus like bus no-6 but to save money bus owners have decided to employ one contractor and that’s why they have closed one door (back door).

Closing one door for big bus is very risky. If any accident occur it will very difficult to exit from the bus. But without considering bus passengers threat the bus owners has closed one door. It is really illegal and risky for bus passenger.

Now it is our question to the respective authority when they take survey about this news. In myopinion those bus owners should be punished without any deadly for falling people in risk. 

Political unrest is the daily companion of Dhaka dwellers. So, any time any kind of accident can occur in the bus. So, on behalf of pass passenger it is my request to transport minister that he will take necessary action to resist these illegal and unauthentic activities against bus owners.
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