Monday, May 4, 2015

Public Transport in Dhaka

Dhaka is a megacity like other big cities in the world. It is the capital city of Bangladesh. It is located in the tropical region. In the summer season the temperature goes up. It fluctuate around 30-40-degree centigrade.

Around 80% people travel by bus in Dhaka city. The most miserable news is that Dhaka dwellers do not see any improvement in the transport system in the history of 44 years of its independence. In the summer people have to wait for bus in the open sky. Sweat come out from their body because there is no tent in the bus stop.

farmgate bus stop

In the above picture people are waiting in the sun for bus. No tent for the passenger. Everyday people have to travel from one place to another by struggling a lot. There is not enough bus. In this summer people expect very much for a shade to escape from the excessive heat in the sun. But government did not do to help the low-income people to travel comfortably.

Farmgate is the most busiest transit point for bus passengers. Everyday several hundreds of thousands  of people come here from different places to change their way. They have to wait a long for the bus. Now the weather is very hot in Dhaka city. But unfortunately they have to wait in the open sky. 

Neighboring in all countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia people enjoy comfortable local journey in the city area. A lot of AC bus and train are there. In Bangladsh the scenery is different. Forget about airconditioned bus there is no enough normal bus. Not only that people have to wait in the sun because there is no tent in the bus stop. It is really terrific.

Honorable prime minister travel every Monday from Bangabhaban to Secretariate at Gulistan by luxurious ac car through farmgate area. If she take a little look on farmgate bus stop condition it could be helpful for the people. It could decrease suffering of people.

farmgate busstop

It is very much need to build some tent in important crossing points of Dhaka city. People have to suffer heat and rain in the bust stop. They are very helpless. They are struggling a lot. Specially the summer season brings extra struggle in people's life in Dhaka.

The bus stop scenery proves how government is doing for Dhaka dwellers. Buses are very few comparing its demand. Government should arrange more ac bus for the people. People want to pay more if they get comfortable transport.

In the recent city corporation election the presence of voters were not satisfied. Is this the indication of people's dissatisfaction to the government? May be. More than half of the voters did not go to cast their vote. Because they are not happy on the government.

We  hope the government will take necessary action to build bus tent and provides more bus along with ac bus .Without importing bus from other countries. It can be built inside the country.