Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cheating Business in Dhaka

Dhaka cheating  point
Dhaka is one of the largest populated city in the world. More than 10 million people are living in Dhaka. Gradually the number is increasing. With keep pace with population a cheating and fraud group is growing rapidly. Like others one of the cheating group is cheating with very simple and common people. This post will help you how simple and common people are cheated in the Dhaka city Infront of Police and RAB.

Everyday the group arranges a round meeting with its own members, they attract people by singing various slogan and songs through microphone or mike. People come and surround them. Later they start to sell illegal and unauthorised sex drug.

They ask people to raise their hand who has sexual problem. Usually the weak people raise their hand and fall in to the trap of cheater. After convincing simple people (specially young generation who are worry about their sexual or married life) the team leader ask to pay 500, 1000 sometimes whole money from their pocket. They sell some fake sex increasing medicine or tabiz which has no guarantee to improve their sexual life.

The very strange thing is that they are exploiting people Infront of police and RAB. Police and RAB do not say anything. In this regard government should give some power to the law enforcement group to arrest those culprit who are cheating with the ordinary people.

We got independence after hard war. We want to see nice Dhaka city. We do not want to see cheating case which is happening in front of public eye, in front of Police and RAB. We want nice Dahak. In this regard government should come ahead and they should know what is happening all over Dhaka.

The above incident is happening in the very populated and crowded area and it is a transit point where thousands fo people move from one direction to another direction. That is farmgate. One group seats in front of APEX Gallery, in front of DBBL ATM Booth and another group seats in front of Cinema hall or Infront of farmgate hotel.

Like above group another  cheating group is snake game shower. Snake catcher gather some places like Gulistan, Malibag and attract  people by fluting flute and make crowded surrounding them. Then make people afraid by telling story about snake. They bound  people to pay them.

We hope this blog post will help government to recognize the cheating team in Farmgate area i.e in Dhaka and destroy their fake activities by taking necessary action immediately.

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