Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ricksha in Dhaka City

Ricksha is the very common  and most used vehicle in Dhaka. Dhaka is the oldest city among other cities in the world. Once it was a city of peace but now it is a curse to many of us. People are worry to walk on the street of Dhaka.

New Terror has been developing rapidly in Dhaka city.
Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Though there is no accurate census about Dhaka city but it is assumed that more than 12 million people have been living in this mega city. People have been facing different problems to live here. People are worry to walk in the street, ride on  vehicle and bringing  belongings with them in the dhaka street.

Dhaka is one of the busiest city among other cities in Bangladesh. Many incidents are occurring almost everyday and night in the city. I could not believe or imagine that it can be happened in my own life. But unfortunately it happened.

Yesterday night(12.07.2010) I was bringing a suck of rice and few jack-fruits from my village house. When I arrived at sayedabad crossing moor, then unexpected incident was occurred. I was traveling by rickshaw. Suddenly the rickshaw puller told me to get down from his rickshaw due to some problem of his rickshaw's break.

To respond his request I followed him and pushing the rickshaw to reach nearby rickshaw garage. At that time suddenly a man came from opposite site, he pushed me, stopped me and started to talk with me, in the meantime the rickshaw-puller ran away to another direction. I searched around the place for long time but I could not found the rickshaw again. So, finally I lost my belonging.

Fantastic and amazing incident really. My younger son was awaiting for eating jack-fruit but unfortunately I could not met his demand at that night. I had to returned home in empty hand and with shamed face.

I requested many traffic surgeons at the point but nobody could help me. The traffic surgeon told me to go to nearby Demra police station and inform it there. But it is already too late. I went to the police station but I could not get any quick action.

More fantastic is that, though Sayadabad chowrasta is a crowded point and a lot of people are always there but at the critical moment nobody helped me to catch the rickshaw puller to recover my belonging. I shocked myself and tried to convinced to be calm.

As a conscious citizen it is my responsibility to let you know this incident. Like me do not become a fool in the street of capital city. Do not lose your valuable belongings from rickshaw. Keep it in your mind that Dhaka is a cheating city right now. Any time you can fall into cheating trap.

I understood that night, that there is a criminal group in Sayadabad and Zatrabari  area. The snatching group has chosen the rickshaw puller as member of their terrorist group. This is their new method of snatching and cheating in the street of Dhaka.

Before ride on CNG, Micro and taxi you abode extra cautions but now you are in great danger from rickshaw-puller too. Any time you can be cheated from rickshaw-puller. So,before ride on rickshaw put down the rickshaw's number. Try to avoid bringing anything by rickshaw at night lonely. Do not bring valuable thing or enough money with you too in rickshaw journey.

Though it is hard that police are good friend of common people but in practical field it is not found. It is our great frustration and agony that we are living in this kind of city. Our life is not safe here. We are worry to walk and ride on rickshaw, taxi or CNG. When will we get free from this kind of anxiety in the street of Dhaka?

I already registered a GD in Damara police station. which number is- 948 dated-13/07/2010. But still now police could not recovered my lost belonging from rickshaw.

Police has good idea about snatcher, terrorist, or cheater on all important points in the streets of Dhaka. But it is our frustration that police do not arrest or they do not help victims to get back their lost items from vehicle.

As a Dhaka dwellers we want safe and free street in Dhaka city. But who will assure us about this? It is our fundamental rights to get safe street in Dhaka. In this regard I am asking all respecting department of Bangladesh Government to take immediate action to stop this kind of newly growing up cheating and snatching group from Dhaka.