Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Automobile Industry in Bangladesh

used car in bangladesh

Automobile Industry in Bangladesh

Automobile is a great industry where thousands of people can be employed but no government is encouraging to build this very profitable in dustry in Bangladesh.

After climbing to power, the Awami league government has been implementing many development projects but they have huge negligence in industrialization. Industrialization is the heart of economic development. Without the industrialization, no country can dream to develop middle or high-income country.
Like other industries, the automobile industry is one of the major sectors which can contribute a lot to economic development and at the same time it removes unemployment problem from the country. Focusing an automobile industry many other supporting equipment and spare parts companies are built up. So, many companies mean much employment throughout the country.
Progoti industries is an only one state-owned automobile company in Bangladesh. After coming power, Awamiliague has not done any significant change of it. If wished it could be. If it could run in full operation then thousands of people could be employed in this automobile company of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh has been importing double deckers  public bus from India. Many others private transport companies are also importing Highway BUS from India. Billions of foreign currency are going out in this regard. On the other hand, it is contributing zero effort  for removing unemployment problem as well as it is not establishing the strong base for long-term economic development.

Before reaching 50 years of Malaysian independence, it has established an automobile industry Proton. It is contributing a lot for Malaysia’s economic development. Bangladesh can learn from Malaysia in this issue. Money and technical force both are present to build this automobile industry in Bangladesh. But there are only two problems: that are lack of plan and presence of too much bureaucracy inside the government.

What top talents, planners, and advisors are doing surrounding Sheikh Hasina? Why are they not planning to rebuild this neglected automobile company Progoti  in Bangladesh? By stopping import BAS, Truck and used Private car from abroad it can start to produce the quality car in Bangladesh. Probably it is the right time for Hasina to make the bus, truck car inside the country. It would help to establish industrialization. It can be started from Progoti Motor industry.

After beginning operation of Progoti government will have to make the law to ban the import of truck bus and the car from abroad. It will make bound and encourage people to use domestic products rather foreign cars. Then the money will not go out. People’s GNP will grow. Living standard of people will be increased.

Before going to incorporate into middle-income country establishing and developing automobile industry and electronics industry, is very much required. Without developing these two sectors, it will difficult for the government to achieve its goal to be a middle-income country.

We hope the government will stop importing Bus from India and it will take necessary plan and action to manufacture bus and another transportation vehicle inside the country. People will love Awamileague if the political party can start this car making practice in Bangladesh.

We do not want foreign car maker to come here. We want Bangladesh will make the car by his own technology. We do not want temporary development by foreign investing. Recently Government is trying to make a contract  with proton. But many Bangladeshis will not like this type of patronizing tendency of the foreign brand in our country. Temporary several hundreds of people may be employed, but most of the money will go to the proton’s pocket.

Bangladesh wants to see the development of its own car. It is a dream for all Bangladeshi people. If government wish it is possible. But strong active plan and implementation attitude is required for this big project.
Bangladesh is becoming a focus point of throwing used car from Japan. Japanese cars are polluting our environment. It is increasing asthma, cancer, skin disease through the country. A used car is a terrible killer of people. But no government is trying to understand this issue.

It is our great frustration that no government has taken necessary steps to stop the import of used car from Japan. The health issue is neglected by all governments of Bangladesh. The present ruling government is doing so. Using used or reconditioned car is a great threat for school going kids in Dhaka city. Their lungs are going to be affected badly.

Using used car means destroying our future generation. Using used car means killing our young generation. But I do not see any possession in the street about this important issue from the opposition parties and from the government. This silent killer can be killed by stopping import car from abroad and establishing automobile industry in Bangladesh.