Thursday, June 26, 2014


2014 FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 Celebration in Bangladesh

FIFA world cup is being celebrated in Bangladesh very gorgeously. Like another football world cup this year 2014 Brazil FIFA world cup is being celebrated very attentively here in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh love football. They enjoy it very much. So, every world cup match is enjoyed by the people of Bangladesh with befitting manner.

This year most of the matches are played in the mid night or in the late night according to Bangladesh local time. But people do not care it. Neglecting sleeping time people watch the football match with eagerly.  People from all ages enjoy this game with enough fun.

fifa footbal flag in the roof

The major attraction of this event is lifting flag on the roof of favorite team. In Bangladesh this year most of the people support Argentina and Brazil. So, this year Brazil and Argentina’s flag are flying with charming manner on the roof of all houses in Bangladesh.

In Dhaka city there is new scenery about flying flag on the roof. Some people make very large flag of his favorite team. Some of them who has no access to the roof they use small sizes flag in the window of the houses.

This year people are shouting in the middle when they see that their favorite team has earned a goal. Though it disturbs other city dwellers but they don’t mind it. They enjoy to see win of his favorite team. They like to shout to see the goal.

The people of Bangladesh do not hesitate to select his favorite team though there is no cultural and religious relation with the team. They like to provide support to his favorite player like Messi and Neymer.  This indicates how developed their feelings are!

Many people even do not know where Brazil and Argentina is. But they do not forget to support his favorite player. People from all ages like to respect the qualified player. Primary, High school, College and University students do not forget to buy his favorite players jersey.

world cup 2014

So, every world cup helps business owner s to sell more cloths and banners on the eve of FIFA world cup. They also earn good money on the eve of football world cup. Football lovers do not mind to spend some money to purchase those items to celebrate the world cup according to their own way.

Rickshaw pullers, car owners, cng owners, truck drivers do not forget to buy a small flag of his favorite team. They feel fun by hanging flag of his favorite team in his vehicle. Though it costs them some money but they never mind to spend.

So, not only on the roof but it is very good celebration of hanging flag in the vehicle too. It is assumed hundreds of thousands yards clothes are consumed during the FIFA world cup in Bangladesh. Though it is a kind of waste of money but it brings peace and happiness in the peoples mind.