Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Rickshaw and Dhaka City

Ricksha is the most attractive sight seeing of Dhaka to foreign tourist in bd. It is one of the most popular  and essential vehicle for Dhaka dwellers in Dhaka. Though it brings peace in tourists heart but it reminds the economic distressed status of the people of Dhaka.

Many government has come and go but no government has taken to change the rickshaw puller;s life or day laborer's life in dhaka or all over the Bangladesh. Due to distressed economy and lack of job people pull ricksha for livelihood.

Ricksha is the oldest and simple vehicle to carry people. A huge energy is lost during the ricksha pulling time. People have no enough money to buy taxi, CNG or motor driven vehicle. So to see no way people are pulling Ricksha in the capital city for hands to mouth.

If you are new tourist in Dhaka. You may astonish to see the scenery of Dhaka. I have travel myself some Asian and African cities. I did not see so much rickshas like Dhaka city. I have saw some ricksha in Vietnam and some in India but the quantity are so little.

Comparing the geographical location the design and driving styles of ricksa are also different in different countries. In Vietnam people sit in front of Ricksha and the Rickshaw puller sits on backside of rickshaw. But in Bangladesh ricksha puller pull ricksha they  never push ricksha. Ricksha puller sits in front of ricksha and passenger sit on back.

Comparing with other countries Bangladeshi's rickshas are more comfortable to travel.These are more safe than other countries ricksha. However do not fall into rickshapuller's trap like me. Please draw extra caution when you travel in rickshaw.