Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twenty20 World Cup l Bangladesh Team Review

Twenty-20 world cup is also known as Twenty 20  ICC Cricket world cup. The final game is tomorrow 6th April, 2014. Srilanka and India are the two south Asian nations who are going to play the final match of twenty-20 cricket world cup game. It is expected Srilanka will win the cup. However time will reply who will win.

Bangladesh is the venue of the world cup cricket this year..Bangladesh is one of the members of cricket teams of twenty-20 world cup. After rising in top ten the team has frustrated the millions of Bangladeshi spectators. They could not win in a single game after rising in to  top ten.

Since 1999 Bangladesh could not show any remarkable success in cricket. The cricket board are spending millions of taka to support this team. But unfortunately the team could not present expected result to the nation. Bangladesh people are very sad to see this situation of cricket.

cricket world cup 2014At least they should go to the quarter or semi final in the Twenty 20 game. Probably it is time to re-think. The respective authority should find the root cause of it. After finding the root cause the corrective action should be taken.

Bangladesh is a poor country. The government and cricket authority are paying money to the the cricketers and cricket coach. The  owner of this money are ordinary people of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh want to see proper utilization of money. They do not want to see successive defeat in the cricket.

In an daily newspaper interview Sakib Al Hasan told the interviewer that lac of nutrition is the major causes of bad result of cricket. I am agree with Sakib. He  is right. Most of the cricketers have come from village. Without few most of the cricketers health says that they have lac of nutrition. Their health is not well structured.

Cricket authority should take Shakib's statement with attention. Actually to get good cricketers we need good mother. It means healthy mother. If mother do not have nutrition she cannot births a healthy son. But government has no statistic how our mothers are living in the village. Most of the people in the village area are living below standard of  poverty level.

Government is dreaming to reach in middle-income enriched country. But how will they  measure it? Definitely they will measure it by average income of the people. In this measurement process village people should be treated in special consideration. Government should think to develop the village people's life standard.

In sports specially in Cricket village people are leading the game. But if the village people do not have minimum nutrition to eat how will they brighten the nation. How will they present six or four in the Twenty 20ICC world cup?

Corruption, mis-management of government, too much political engagement of people is keeping back the nation. Politicians are riding luxurious car on the other hand common pople are struggling to eat coarse rice. The difference between and poor and rich are growing rapidly. This culture should be stopped for the development of the country.

Proper distribution of properties is increasing the differences of poor and rich. As an example an employee cannot meet its minimum demand of life but on the other hand the owners of the industries or organizations are making huge money. In this regard Government will have to assure the minimum pay for the employee in the private sectors.

Government will have to take steps to to flow money to the common people. Without depending on business dependency the government should be focused on industry. At the same time people's social compliance should be implemented in the industries. New and  modern labor law should be introduced for the welfare of people. When these two things will be achieved then Bangladesh will be a successful nation. Not in Twenty-20 Wold cup  they will bring success in every sectors.