Thursday, March 17, 2011

Malnutrition Problem in Bangladesh

Malnutrition is a great obstacle to build up a strong nation. Like others  Bangladesh is one of the poorest country in the world. Due to economic distress condition Bangladeshi people specially children are badly affected by malnutrition.

According  UNICEF and WFT around two million children are suffering from acute malnutrition in Bangladesh where one quarter of all households are hungry.Nearly 60 per cent of the households surveyed said they had insufficient food over the past 12 months, with real household income plunging 12 percent between 2005 and 2008. At the end of last year, nearly two-thirds of income was spent on food, 10 per cent higher than the 2005 average. Many are in debt, coping with higher food prices, the survey said.

“The situation of child malnutrition in this country is a silent emergency,” said UNICEF Representative Carel de Rooy.

I am congratulating and agree with Carel de Rooy's comments about malnutrition in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people has been suffering malnutrition problem since the British period. This is a historical and traditional crisis for a long time.

From the British period until now many Government has come and gone but no government has taken any proper step to remove the poverty. That's why people specially village people have been facing this malnutrition problem seriously.

Recently it is heard that local and International NGO has contributed a lot to remove
poverty from Bangladesh. Already one NGO owner has received a novel peace price from novel society for grameen economic development. But it is still a question that how much economic development has achieved?

NGO has protected villagers from certain death cause want of food. But they have done nothing to change overall financial economic condition in village area. They have received a lot then giving to the poor. So, we can see high rising luxurious building for NGO owners at Dhaka city in Bangladesh. On the other hand people are almost going to die or giving birth a thin and narrow baby because of lac of proper food or nutritious meal.

It should be great shame to our NGO owners, Government and opposition leaders. What will  they answer of this UNICEF report about malnutrition. What they have done for country and what they have given to the poor villagers in Bangladesh?

“Even if the prices of food are now falling, the crisis is far from being over,” said John Aylieff, WFP Representative in Bangladesh, warning of the impact that the current global financial crisis will have on the poor.

Present Government should think seriously about Aylieff's warning. Economic recession is going on all over the world. In this regard Bangladesh should prepare themselves to protect this horrible wave in rural area.

"Almost half of all children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years – a critical age for development – were found to be not receiving the minimum meal frequency, with two-thirds of them not meeting the minimum dietary diversity of at least four food groups daily" the report said.

Yes it is true People has no money to buy food how they will follow the minimum dietary diversity of food. Most of the village people are hands to mouth. Only harvesting time they get opportunity to earn money another season they have to pass very hard days.

This is not new.
Silently for years this silent and hidden germ has been attacking in Bangladesh. If you come in Malaysia it will be cleared. 15-40 years all young man has come here to work. When they gather with other nationalities in a certain area it shows Bangladeshi people are facing
malnutrition problem.

The major cause of this malnutrition in Bangladesh is unemployment problem. They do not have working facilities all the year. Only industrialization can assure the job facilities in Bangladesh. But Industrialization in Bangladesh is in miserable condition.

This country is fully dependent on China and Indian product. It should be great shame for Bangladesh's leader that still now we have to import very common and simple product like needle button etc.