Thursday, April 17, 2014


BIRDEM INCIDENTDoctor's strike have been stopped at BIRDEM in Bangladesh.Earlier the doctors went on the work stoppage since Tuesday protesting at an assault on their colleagues by the relatives of a patient Sirajul Islam who died on Sunday.

Diabetic is a serious diseases in Bangladesh. Comparing with doctors the patients ratio are so high. Only there is only one diabetic hospital located in Shahbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many serious patients come here around the country to take treatment. But after arriving here they do not get proper treatment. It is universal truth that doctors do not serve the patient properly. Recent incident is the proof of that.

Not only the Sirajul Islam. Everyday many patients are dying like Sirazul Islam. When negligence cross the limit then any incident happens suddenly..Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders(BIRDEM incident) is not exceptional of that statement. It is time to review the doctors services in the hospital.

BIRDEM has not free services. Patients have to pay for all kinds of test, xray, any kinds of diagnostic fee including bed But after spending lot of money they do not get proper treatment from BIRDEM doctors.
General public can do mistake. I am agree with you that the patients relatives have misbehaved with the doctor. But why the doctors will do the same? There is no right to postponed the hospital services without permission from the government. So, the doctors of BIRDEM has also committed the crime.

During their strike probably many patients have been died. The people of Bangladesh want to know what happened during the strike period in Birdem. Focusing a persons misbehave nobody has right to destroy the whole country. It is great violation of law.

So, as a blogger I am wanting the proper judgement of the criminal doctors who suddenly stopped the services in the hospital. At the same time the government should action of the culprit who misbehaved with the doctors.

I am criticizing the hospital authority how they response so quickly without consultation with ministry of health or state ministry. They become judges by themselves. But it should not be. Country is over the person. Just after getting misbehave from a person no doctor have right to call strike. It is serious crime. We hope government will take action of this illegal strike in the BIRDEM hospital.

Dear visitors many of you may have experiences about BIRDEM hospital's services. 15 years ago due to neglegence of doctors I transferred my father from BIRDEM to PG Hospital. Now it is called Bangabandhu Hospital. BIRDM hospital doctors were showing great negligence so we transferred my father from BIRDEM to BSMMU.

Doctors business here in Bangladesh very top position. Without hospital job they practice in private clinic and personal chamber. There is no record how much they are taking from the patients. I have expressed my experiences about private doctors cervices in Bangladesh a review few months ago.

There is no special rule for private practice of doctors in Bangladesh. So people here in Bangladesh are oppressed by some butcher type doctors. Everybody should respect a law. But still there is no rule introduced by Bangladesh parliament for private practice for doctors.

Recent dieing incident of Sirajul Islam reminding us to introduce a new law for doctors. This is a birdem incident but what about other district label hospital. What are happening there. Government should introduce new monitoring rule for accidental death of patients without any delay
Doctors are also human being. They can do mistake. They can show negligence in their duty. They can be emotional. They can do wrong. Recent BIRDEM incident remind us that. So it is proper time  for BD Government to introduce new law for doctors. We do not want to see any more BIRDEM Doctors Strike in Bangladesh.