Thursday, June 27, 2013

Patients are victims to Private Doctors in Bangladesh

Doctor is one of the popular professionals in Bangladesh. People like this career too much. At the same time people hate this professional when the doctors take too much fee from the patients. 

A professor takes 600-1200 taka from a patient. At the same time assistant  and associate professor take the same fee from the patients and it is around taka 500.  In a word there is no control on doctors in Bangladesh. In a question of MP Momtaj begum the health minister Mr. A.F.M Ruhul Hoque said on June 2013 first week in a parliament session that he has no control on private practitioners and government par time practitioners.

This kind of response really frustrates the people of Bangladesh. Mrs Momtaz raised an important issue in the parliament for general people. We appreciate MP Momtaz. Specially a middle class people who does not like to go government hospital due to poor medical treatment facilities they are victim to private medical practitioners.

I went to a orthopedic professor Dr. Mr Sirajul Islam. He took six hundred for first time visit. But for pushing an injection he took six hundred more. So, I had to pay 1200 taka him.

On June 20 2013 I went to child specialist Mr  Golam Main Uddin(who is current professor of PG Hospital) for my 8 years kid. For first time he took 600 taka. For second time he took taka 500. Though it should be half for second visit but he took 500. 

Due to negligence in healthcare of government i.e health ministry of Bangladesh it is happening. Many doctors are taking excess fee from the patient. 

Majority people are dissatisfied on bd government policy in private health care system. Excessive fee is the headache of common people. Patient has to pay too much money for in various sectors including including doctor’s fee, diagnostic and pathological test charge etc.

People have to pay several thousand taka for any pathological test in private clinic. Due to specific policy in private medical sector people are victims of doctors and private clinic in Bangladesh.