Monday, December 10, 2012

Srike in Dhaka City Review

Strike in Bangladesh is going on today. I enjoyed the picture of  how the strike is going on the street of Dhaka. I just went to purchase a 3G modem from IDB Bhaban but unfortunately I could not. The largest computer Market in Dhaka city was closed due to strike.

I came back with frustration. However if you want to take fresh air today is the right choice to go out and real opportunity to travel on foot. I enjoyed the very fresh air today. Where air pollution is one of the major problems in Dhaka but today the picture is different. If you like to enjoy strike of Dhaka city as well as consume fresh air then this is the right day to go out. However do not go with a group then you may asked by security forces.

Though the hortal is presenting a nice fresh weather but is very miserable for ricksha puller. Because I saw most of the ricksha are running with no passenger. Because very few people are going to their working place due to security problem of their life. I saw few public bus and private bus but there were very few passengers inside the bus. Due to frightening situation nobody likes to ride on vehicle even on ricksha in the the strike day of Dhaka.

This kind of devastating incident will not effect on Government and Opposition parties but it is directly affecting on day shopkeepers, Laborers , hawkers and ricksha pullers. On the other hand this kind of strikes have been killing country's overall economic growth for our future generation.

After coming back from strike view when I saw the BTV news at 12.00 PM it really frustrate me. BTV is broadcasting false news. In the news it is saying that everything are normal today beyond strike. People have rejected strike. But Government should no do it. They should not hide the real thing from people. So, BTV is losing its popularity and viewers.

Bangladesh is democratic country. Both government and opposition should sit for  peaceful dialogue. Country is greater than parties. So, without thinking just for own parties wealfare they should rather think for the whole country. This kind of thought will bring peace and economic development for country and it will keep far opposition parties from devastating activities like strike.