Sunday, July 22, 2012

Teaching of Ramadan

Holy Month Ramadan has come back again in 2012. The Muslim majority country Bangladesh has been facing many problems from the beginning of its independence. Historical, geographical, International conspiracy and lac of real Islamic knowledge are  the major causes to remove these problems. Third countries are influencing very much to overcome those Bangladeshis problem.

The teaching of Ramadan can be a good guide for specific group or government in Bangladesh. Help the helpless, this is the slogan of Ramadan. But most of the rich group, business group and the governments are unaware about the  slogan of Ramadan. That's why some are becoming fat for excessive nutritious food on the other hand some are suffering of malnutrition  problem in Bangladesh

God loves his creature. So he wants to feed all of his creatures specially human being. But Man has diverted in a wrong way. They have created wrong social rule. They have created wrong policy. They are practicing to becoming  rich to richer by themselves only. They do not think about others.

Islam, specially ramadhan is a great teaching for those selfish. They should think that once he will have to die. Nothing will be helpful for him without his activities in the world. Only his  good works like helping the helpless will be a great virtue to  protect him from the fire of hell. But most of the time people forget this very important and universal truth that he will die.

Ramadan come back again and again to warn those people who are wealthy. Wealthy people should think about common people or poor people's condition. Now it is a great shame  for the world that people of some African countries are dieing  from food. On the other hand some developed countries are spending thousands of dollars to save lower class animal like dog.

God has said that human being is the best creature among others. They should help others but nowadays we are seeing different thing. This is national and International problem. Some are dieing from want of food and some are dieing for taking excessive food. This kind of incidents really unexpected.

The world is diverting in a wrong way. All the countries in the world are corrupted and polluted  by the guidance of Satan or evil. Ramadan come back again and again to remind this thing. The world should respect the Ramadan. They should abide by the rules and instruction of Ramadan.

Fasting is not only for Muslim. Almost all kinds of religions have support fasting. In Muslim it is called ramadan. Ramadan tells the struggle of fasting. How painful the fasting is? Helpless and poor people are fasting very often. So, rich group should come forward to help the poor group. This is the teaching of fasting.

We are watching the different thing. Now some are making mountain of money and some are struggling to get coarse rice for  three times. They are facing malnutritious problem. They cannot buy enough food and balanced food because their salary is very low. The industrialist group never think about its workers. So ramadan can be a good instruction and order from Allah to increase its workers salary.

What is the instruction of Ramadan for Governments in the world? The most effective and real solution of  taking back peace and justice in the country is realizing the meaning and background of Ramadan. When and why  people become terrorist? When a people is deprived of his legal and fundamental demand from the state then he become thief, robber or terrorist.

Ramadan can be a good solution of all problems for governments in the world. All governments should realize the significance of Ramadan. They should try to implement the standards of Ramadan. If  the world can implement the standards of Ramadan in their own country then all  problems will be solved easily.