Friday, June 29, 2012

Mobile Phone Operator's Activities are Harmful in Bangladesh

Mobile phone operators have been doing very good business in Bangladesh. Due to governments negligence and lac of plan in telecommunication sectors a large number people of Bangladesh were deprived of  this kind of important service for long time. Realizing this clue since 90's decade few mobile operators took this opportunity and grabbed  a huge money from Bangladeshi people.

City Cell,Grameenphone, Bangla Link, Robi, Airtel, Tele Talk are major mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. These mobile phone operators have been competeting with each others to increase their subscribers from the beginning of their business. Due to their continual competition at last they have pull down the call rate Taka 1.00 per minute. Just ten years ago it was taka 7 per minute.

Their competition is continued yet. Due to loose administration of BTRC those cell phone operators are doing business in the country without considering public health issue. The cellular Operators in Bangladesh has committed crime already by establishing mobile towers  in the roof of residential, Educational institutes Supermarket or any other  crowded places. It is still a question of  Bangladeshi people how it is affecting on on thier health?

Recently a report about harmful sides of mobile phone has been broadcasted in a popular TV magazine ITTADI directed by Hanif Songket. In the report it is said a long time mobile phone talking increases the brain and heart's temperature few degree Celsius which is a cause  of brain damage or heart attack.

Due to  free or low priced night package or off pick hour package from mobile operators are encouraging young generation to purchase those MOBILE PACKAGES. This type of packages are decreasing working power of our young generation due to less sleeping at night. You can enjoy Ittadi June 2012 here

So, it is time for Mobile phone operators to come control themselves. They should not think only their profit. They should think about people's health issue. In this regard BTRC should be rebuilt. They should control or resist MOBILE PHONE OPERATORS from doing any harmful job which can badly affect public health. They should  build a team to study the bad site of establishing mobile tower in the residential or crowded area. You c