Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mobile Tower is a Great Threat in Bangladesh

Mobile tower is a great threat for Public Health in Bangladesh.

Mobile tower is a great threat for Bangladeshi people. Specially in city area it is a great concern for public health . Due to great demand of mobile phone in BD various mobile operator have built up their network through antenna all over the country.

Grameen Phone, Bangla Link, Rabi, City cell, Warid , Tele Talk, Airtel are major mobile carriers in Bangladesh . All of those companies have set up their mobile antenna over the roof of houses or institutions without considering the minimum distance from the people's living area.

They never followed the international strategy to do it. In developed countries it is established by keeping minimum distance from the residential area. but in BD specially in Dhaka city no operator cared this important and sensitive point.

From the tower electro magnetic wave is coming out continuously which body effect on public health. It can be cause of cancer, heart diseases , high per tension, headache or an other diseases. The symptoms of those diseases can be appeared after 10-20 years later.

Mobile tower should be established at the minimum height from the ground usually it starts from 40Th floor but in BD most towers has been established from 4Th or fifth floor. Although It is prohibited in residential and educational institute but most of the cell phone carrier did not respect this common law for build up mobile tower.

Now it is time for the Mobile operator to shift their antenna from the dangerous level of public health. Government should force them to shift their mobile tower. Those wireless carrier should compensate the victims who are already affected from radiation of mobile tower. In this regard govt. should come ahead to punish those operator who has showed negligence in this important and sensitive factor.

All of the mobile operators always think their own profit they never consider the welfare of common people. In this regard government is the main representative for common people. So, we will request the respective govt authority to take proper survey of this issue. They should not be corrupted by mobile operators to do this sensitive job accurately.

News source is from Ittefaq 18-07-2010.