Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hillary Clinton in Dhaka

US secretary of state Hilary Clinton is visiting Bangladesh. Why has she come here in Bangladesh? Is she invited by Bangladesh or she has come to sign some treaty on behalf  of US Government?  Though it is not sure the major target of her visit in Bangladesh  but it is a good courtesy visit between the two countries.

Later after the meeting with her counterpart Ms Dipu moni a joint statement comes out as  "We affirm our dedication to deepening dialogue in security cooperation, including in combating terrorism, violent extremism, and transnational crime, such as narcotics trafficking, piracy, and trafficking in persons and arms," 

However, after arrival here in Bangladesh Hilary has been passing very busy time. She has met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Begum Khaleda Zia. Today May 06, 2012 she has met with two major NGO founder Mr Eunus of Grammen Bank and Mr Fazle Hasan of BRAC. He also meets with staff of US embassy in Dhaka. After 12.00 PM she will leave Dhaka for Calcutta.

Though at the beginning of the month it was uncertain about  Hillary Rodham Clinton's visit due to Ilius Ali's sudden killing activity by unknown group but later it became final and she comes here in Bangladesh. She urges all political parties for peaceful solution of any political dispute.

"We also intend to hold periodic consultations at the Foreign Minister-Secretary level," said the declaration signed by Hillary Clinton and Dipu Moni in the presence of Prime Minister at her office.

"Leveraging the values of tolerance, respect for human rights, inclusion and resilience of Bangladesh society, including a robust civil society," according to the declaration, "we intend our broader collaboration to be anchored in a strong bilateral development partnership focused on joint development priorities, including food security, maternal and child health, family planning, climate change, strengthening democracy, youth and women's empowerment, among others."

The declaration also came with from the both sites as "We reiterate our support for the United Nations system, underscore the value of UN-led peacekeeping and peacebuilding initiatives, and note Bangladesh's singular contribution to such activities.

World wide recession is going on. Specially in the USA  effects of recession is very bad. So, at this moment the most important statement is "We further support the exchange of information, skills and technology bilaterally, regionally and globally to promote new economic opportunities for our citizens." said Dipu and Hillary.