Thursday, April 5, 2012

Studuent Health

Student health in school is  badly affected by few ingredients of school in Dhaka.

Playground: School playground is another great concern for deteriorating of student's health in the school. It is a concern when the students play in the ground or when they participate in assembly. Like fog a huge dust fly when the students gather in the playground. Lac of grass is the major cause of this dust. So, school authority should take effective measure to grow grass in the playground of the school. Green grass can protect to fly dust in the school complex when when they gather all together.

Cleanliness of Classrooms: Most of the school's classroom in the government school have no proper cleaning or maintaining process. So, classrooms are always very dusty and dirty which are the causes of various diseases like asthma, flue, fever etc.

School Feeding: Recently BD government has taken step to provide tiffin to the student from the school though they are taking this money from the student. Here is a question to BD govt or school authority how they are providing healthy food to the students in that time. I was informed from my son who is studying in a government school. I heard from him that excessive oily food like puri, singara are provided during the tiffin period.

Drinking Water: This is another concern to the parents of  school going children in Dhaka. Most of the school have no arrangement of providing pure drinking water. The students drink tap water in the school. So they get sick easily.

Medical Check up:  There is no student health plan yet in Bangladesh. School authority or BD govt should employ a doctor to check students health regularly  to avoid any serious illness from the student. It is still just hope to the guardian of school going children in Dhaka.

Those are the major ingredients which are badly effecting on student health in Dhaka. Dhaka dwellers want to see gradual effective steps to remove  all of those problems from government and non government school in Dhaka. Development all of those issue will assure good student health.
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