Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Student Health is in Great Risk in School and in the Roads of Dhaka

Student are the future of a country. So, it is government's duty to make sure that they are thinking about student health with education. In meeting, TV, Seminar, many government officials of Bangladesh are addressing that they are doing a lot to build a nation but my question is to them what are they doing to build good health for the student?

People elect Government to serve them better. They also want  that the BD Government will also assure their children's good health. But it is a really great concern to all of the parents or guardian of high school going children.

Cleanliness, school's dirty environment, sound pollution, air pollution, school feeding arrangement all are responsible for worse health of students in Dhaka. From going out of house those ingredients start to effect on students health.

When a student get out from the house vehicle sound badly effect on their hearing power. All of dhaka dwellers are agree that uncontrolled vehicle sounds are really affecting on student's brain. Bus, truck, private car, CNG and Taxi driver are using horn according to their wish. They never think how it is badly effecting on students health.

Cleanliness is a another great concern in Dhaka.  Due to lac of sweeper all the lanes inside residential area almost all of the ward of Dhaka city are not sweept  timely or properly. So, all the lanes are dusty and dirty. When a car or CNG move on that road then a huge dust start to fly and that come through the students breathing organ or inside lung. So, not only student but all  are badly affected for that air pollution.
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