Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bangladesh Internet Service

Internet Service in Bangladesh is in very poor condition. Broadband Internet users in Bangladesh have been passing very critical moment. Internet users know very well what are the problems of Broadband Internet connection in BD. There are many inconveniences of broadband Internet users in Bangladesh. Some inconveniences have been described in below.

Internet Speed: This is the major problem among others in Bangladesh. Only professionals know how the important of Internet speed is? To do professional work you need minimum 500 kbps to 1 mbps. But for high speed Internet connection in Bangladesh  you have to spend 5000-10000 taka per month. This is too high for home users..

Customer Care: Most of the Internet service  providers in Bangladesh have local agent and they are located nearby your ward or moholla. They are not well organized.They do not have enough staff or technical support. They do not have customer care training. So, you cannot expect any instant solution of your Internet problems if arise any.

Internet Cost: Internet cost is one of  the major factors in Bangladesh internet. It is related with bandwidth or Internet speed. The minimum charge is 500 taka. For 500 taka you will get download speed only 8-12 kbps.  This is very low speed. You cannot download any big file in that speed.

No connection: This is another bitter experience of internet users in Bangladesh. Sometimes without notice they cut or disconnect your connection. 

Limited Service: Local internet agents have day time or 9-5 pm customer service. They do not provide any night service. So if any problem arise you cannot do any work on that night. You will have to wait until next day 10 a.m.

BTRC Mismanagement: All of internet including Bangladesh mobile internet, and broadband internet in Bangladesh  are controlled by BTRC(Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission). They do not have good supervising policy on local internet agent. So, broadband internet bangladesh is facing many problems.

Mobile Internet in Bangladesh: Though there are some mobile internet  providers like Gp Internet, Banglalink Internet and Airtel internet  but  their Internet speeds are very slow.  You cannot expect good Internet service from those mobile internet providers in Bangladesh.

What do you think about Internet Service in Bangladesh. If you have any bitter experience or opinion you can mention it in comment box in below or by pressing feedback button on the top of menu bar. Your onion about Bangladesh Internet Service  will be published in this blog.