Saturday, January 7, 2012

Internet gp

Internet gp is in very critical condition. Few days ago I saw a newspaper ad and it said gp is in normal condition but I think this is bluffing. There is no change between Six months ago and now of gpinterent.

The major problems of gp internet are as follows:
  • Very slow connection
  • Hanging problem
  • Network is timeout
  • Server not found
Gp internet service is still in very bad position. There are many gp Internet packages. I used almost all of them but I am not satisfied about this gp internet service.

Internet gp is well known to all as a bad internet service.Time is money. So, if you want to spoil your time you can buy gp internet package. I believed that internet gp service will be developed but after six months I am experiencing the same problem. So, after all I avoided internet gp.

Not only this time I have reviewed many times about gp internet in my blog but no action from gp is found. So, I have purchased broadband internet package from local ISP instead of internet gp.