Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is BPL

What is BPL Stands for?
BPL has many abbreviations of it. Some of the major abbreviations are Broadband over power lines, Below Poverty line, Boston Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library etc. But most common abbreviations are Broadband Over Power-line and Below Poverty Limit. Let's know both of them:

Broadband Over Power Lines: It is a latest Internet technology. Data can be transferred over power lines by using a special broadband modem. This modem will be plugged in electrical line by a socket. This is a alternatives of DSL or cable broadband Internet.

This is a great news for Internet users and home owners. It does not effect on electricity flow. Installing some fundamental instrument can connect with high speed internet services. It can transfer or receive data at 1-3mb per second under bpl Internet.

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