Tuesday, February 14, 2012


BPL stands for Below Poverty Line. This term is used by Indian Government but it is well known to all around the world. This poverty line varies from state to state. However it is a good scale to measure poverty of a country.

Income less than $1.25/day is defined as extreme poverty. More than 40% Indians are living in BPL. Not only India many other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Laos,  Somalia, and some other African and Latin American countries are living below this limit of BPL.

In the USA the bpl is $ 3099/year for a four members family. For the year 2006 it was 20,650/ year. This amount is growing due to inflation and continuous increasing of essential products.   In india it is Rs 560/month per person in Urban area and 368/month per person.Though household income is different in different countries but idea of BPL is a good indicator of poverty.
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