Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dhaka's Transportation Condition

Dhaka is a city of population over 12 million. Day by day people are coming from village to town. So, all city including Dhaka are going to be more crowded to crowded. Due to proper job and unemployment problem in village area people are rushing to big cities including capital city Dhaka.

Dhaka's transportation system is in very critical condition. Traveling by bus is a bitter and most tough job for city dwellers. Though there were some AC bus during the previous government's period but all of them has gone out from the street of Dhaka.

To many of us traveling by bus is a great war. You have to appear in heavy competition to get on the bus, because the quantity of buses are few comparing with bus passengers. In this period many of us lose their money bag too in this war.

Bus Passenger Tent: It's a matter of frustration that the bus fare raising is a regular business of Government and bus owner. But not a minimum facilities are available for bus passenger at Dhaka. In the bus stop people have to wait long for bus in the sun light and in rain. There is no bus tent for passenger in the stop.

With great hope though people of Dhaka have voted the Awamileague led government but this party has failed to meet people's minimum requirements in the local communication sector. Within last two years they have showed zero progress in communication sector.

Nearest big cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand has achieved much development in local transportation system. Bangladesh government can learn from those government to serve the people of Dhaka.

Due to lac of governments proper attention in telecommunication sector foreign companies has boost their income in mobile phone communication sector in last decade. The same opportunity is awaiting for foreign investors in local communication sector in Dhaka.

With joint venture program with foreign investor local private companies can earn huge money from transportation sector in Dhaka. People want to spend money if they get real and comfortable facilities in transportation system in Dhaka.

Without depending on imported bus government should manufacture bus. They should develop "The Atlas" the only one automobile industry in Bangladesh. To reduce public's pain and struggle government should introduce new policy without any delay to provide new bus with air conditioning facilities inside Dhaka. Read Problems in Bangladesh