Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strike Culture In Bangladesh

Strike is a big concern in Bangladesh. It is a silent killer of economy. For a long time this has been using as a great arm of political issue. When opposition parties are oppressed by government then the strike is called. It is a warning of government.

Strike may good for opposition leader, government employee and some other group but it is bad for country's development. It is a big enemy for them who are hands to mouth like ricksha-puller, van driver, cng and taxi driver.

Now it is time to rising, now it is time to be changing. Due to ignorance among people the strike is observed in Bangladesh very importantly. In this regard educated society should come ahead to contribute a lot.

In city area all kinds of professionals, teachers, journalists, Intellectuals,students, social clubs, social medias should react against this strike or hortal. They are the hope of the country. They are the rider of the country.

Political parties should take their opinion before calling any strike. On the other hand Government should also be real practitioner of democracy. They should be more attentive to opposition parties to listen their complain. They should take survey about their activity from educated society.

Government should respect other parties because a large number of people are supporter of those parties. If they do not listen to them ultimately it is disobeying the people's opinion.

According the principle of Democracy Government is for the people and by the people. In Bangladesh government forget this universal narration after arising in power.

Bangladeshis do not want strike. They want to see progress of the country. They want to see economic development. They want peaceful living. But both the Government and Opposition parties in Bangladesh are failed to meet this demand of common people.

People's life are oppressed here. For a long time khai khai politics is running in this country. We have seen BNP, Awamileage and Army leadership but all are failed to meet people's demand. All are greedy. People here did not find any real patriot. It is great frustration for us.

We are worry about this situation of the country. If it continues it can turn to like middle east situation like libya, Egypt, Seria.

People are very unpleasent on both on BNP and Awamileague. During the BNP period people were not happy on BNP and at present situationa people are also not happy on rulling party Awameleague.

Like others city people are fat up on government due to continuous price rising of commodities, poor transportation, traffic problem, air pollution, bribery practice, proper distribution of properties, unemployment problem, lac of infrastructure of street and footpath, illegal footpath business, bus fare rising etc.

Now people are waiting for new political party or a new leader who will be real patriot. People's dream will not fail. We are optimistic people of Bangladesh will find the real leader soon before coming any foreign interfere.

In this regard intellectual groups, teachers, Journalists, student and educated society should think newly. They should not be busy only for themselves. They should think about the country, about the people. They should not be blind followers of unrealistic political parties, rather they should think to build up a new party, new leader to build up this country newly. They should think to remove culture of strike.