Friday, August 5, 2011

Bus Services in Dhaka

Dhaka's people are in great risk when they travel in Bus. Most of the big buses have two doors but the back door is closed for always. If any accident occur, there will be no way to hide from the bus. So, your life is in great danger when traveling by bus in Dhaka.

Why the Door is closed? There's may be be variuos causes of it. One may to protect bus fare cheating from passenger. But this expresses an inefficiency or mismanagement system of Bus owner association or bus labor trade union.

There 's so many disadvantages of using one door of bus. It takes long time to ride on the bus and it takes long to get out from bus. Another problem is risk of accident. So, public welfare is neglected in local transportation system in Dhaka.

Solution: Bus owner can use auto lock system and they can install bus fare box just in front of Driver. Driver will check the ticket when the passenger will ride on the bus. In this system no bus helper is necessary to collect money from bus passenger.

Two door should keep open: In auto lock system of the door, one door will be used for riding and another door will be used for exit from the bus. this process will save public time and it is more safer than using only one door.

Neighboring country like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore have introduced this system in their communication sector. Dhaka can follow those rules to develop its local transportation system in the capital city to reduce public harassment in communication.

Bangladesh is located in tropical region. So, air conditioned buses are essential in the city. But it is a matter of frustration that there's no ac bus in the city of Dhaka at this moment. People are ready to pay more but there's must be good environment and comfortable travel facilities.

Ministry of Communication should take care of this sensitive issue of public feeling. With in last two years the respective authority has shown zero progress in development of Dhaka's communication sector. We hope Government will take urgent steps in local communication sector to reduce public inconveniences in bus communication of Dhaka.
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