Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dhaka is Paralyzied

For a long time Dhaka dwellers have been facing various problems including traffic jam. Traffic jam has paralized the normal life of Dhaka. Almost all of the areas of Dhaka has been badly affected by traffic jam. There are many causes of traffic jam including, traffic police neglegencies, unplanned street cutting, Illegal parking, Illegal footpath business, failing to removal of rickshaw from the city, people's awareness, Government's negligence to build sub-way, or trum car, monorail, or LRT in the city area.

in the morning and afternoon the traffic jam has exceeded the people's patient. People have to wait 2-3 hours to pass 3o minutes distance from here to there. So, people's life are paralyzied by traffic jam in the mega city of Dhaka.

The lack of public buses, cng, Taxi are another causes of public tension to arrive their job area. During the BNP goventmet's period a lot of public bus including volvo bus was seen in the road. But now all are away from the city. Now it is our question where are those expensive bus?

In BNP period there were so many Air conditioned bus like metro bus from Uttara and Motijheel. Now no ac bus are seen on the road. People's income and life status has been developed but to keep pace with citizen's life not enough bus and taxi are running in the street. It is our great frustration to the government.

After coming in power the government of Awamileage has done nothing in two years. Nothing is seen on the street of dhaka. People are watching everything carefully. People do not forget government's activities.

In BNP period there were a lot of CNG which were used substitute of rickshaw. Now this type of light cng has been going out from the street. No cng wants to go by meter. So, fair is very high. People have to pay four to five times higher fare to ride on cng. It is our question why it is happening. CNG should be more cheaper and enough quantity on the street for comfortable jouney for middle class people. Awamileague Goverment should think this carefully.

Sheikh Hasina has declared on the eve of completion of two years to import more than 300 buses. We do not want see the wasting of money in government's transportation sector. Better Government can make bus at Atlanta at chittagong to reduce cost of importing bus from abroad. It can save our money and it will create jobs in Bangladesh. Better govt should encourage private sector to make automobile industry in the country.

Government should take necessary action to stop used car and bus from abroad. Importation of vehicle is an illegal thinking and slaughtering the people. Used car and buses are polluting dhaka's weather which is a number one cause of Asthama, high blodd pressure, Lung cancer, heart diseases it the city. We want new car, bus for low cost which is possible by locally manufactured vehicle.

So, why govt has not been taking this important issue to implement. We do not want foreign goods. We want our own vehicle which will be made in the country. It will remove unemployment problem, it will make vehicle cheaper. It will keep our environment neat and clean. Our health related problems will be removed from the country.

Within last forty years no government has thought or implement such long term solution of automobile industry. But no more. We want our own made vehicle. We have to take lesson from India. We have to build automobile industry.

We have lot of money in the bank to build vehicle industry. Just we need proper thinking, direction, plan and patriotism. We hope present govt will think about this plan seriously. They will encourage private sector to build automobile industry. At the same time they will discourage and make bound to import second hand car and bus from abroad.

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