Friday, January 14, 2011

Dhaka Dwellers are Not Happy on Present Government

Dhaka is a mega city. Like other big cities a large number of people live here. To keep pace with population-increasing not enough facilities have been built up in this city. So ultimately people have been facing various problems including following in this city.

is the major problem in Dhaka. Public health is in great risk due to unhealthy environment everywhere. After getting out from home it is seen everywhere there are flying sand, dust, and scattered garbage nearby footpath and road. Due to negligence of city corporation this is happening continuously.

Lac of Porper Plan and Action are the major problems to present nice Dhaka.  Dhaka dwellers expected that they will get new and clean Dhaka from the present government. But within last two years people have seen nothing change of Dhaka. People of Dhaka are astonish to see government's negligence and less step to build up clean Dhaka.

Air-pollution is the major problem in this dry season of Dhaka. To remove this problem government should throw water in the street. Sweeper should sweep the streets timely. But nothing is noticeable on the road.

Dust is the major cause of air pollution. Everywhere inside of Dhaka including residential area of uttara, Gulshan, Dhanmondi this scene are noticeable. After passing a car passerby feel this problem seriously. So, people's health are badly affected by this dust.

Garbage boxes are set with scatter here and there on the road. There is no cover of dustbin in the city. So, though people are keeping their garbage in the box bad smell and germs are spreading nearby the dustbin area for open garbage box.

Building materials
like sand, rod and cement are kept on the road or in the footpath. People cannot walk peacefully on the footpath. Due to government's strict administration these are happening every parts of Dhaka.

Illegal footpath business is another old point of public dissatisfaction on Government. To keep pace with population growth footpath has not been built up and illegal shops on the footpath has made passerby too much fade up.

Vehicle's Smoke is another great concern of public health. Importation of used vehicle from abroad and non stop running of those vehicle after expiring last date of all of those automobiles.

Broken Street is seen everywhere of Dhaka. There are many roads and streets where people cannot walk due to hole and broken condition. For long time those roads are not repaired or defective repaired by dishonest contractors.

Traffic Jam
is the major concern among others to dhaka dwellers. Due to illegal parking, breviary dealings of traffic police with truck and bus driver, unplanned road cutting, scattered building materials, Ricksha, lac of traffic light are the major causes of traffic jam in the city. People life are stable here due to traffic jam.

Poor Transportation is the major concern of the city. People are fad-up to see poor transportation system. Lac of enough bus, taxi, cng, auto-ricksha, subway, under way train  are causing of bothering of public dissatisfaction in this sector.

As a city dwellers we want proper action from the Government. We want neat and clean Dhaka for our exixtence in the earth. We want healty life in this city. Government's proper plan, pragmatic decision, proper supervising system can present a beautiful capital city. At the same time all of us should co-operate the government by respecting new laws for getting nice and new Dhaka.Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,