Friday, April 14, 2017

Bengali New Year 1424 Celebration Review

Bengali New Year celebration is a refreshment and excellent entertainment for Bangladeshi people. This is a cultural and historic day in Bangladesh. It is assumed during Mughal Emperor Akbar Bangla new year was first celebrated in 15th century while others say that it is linked to the harvest festival of Baishaki. Bangla new year is also known as poila boishak. People of Bangladesh  and Calcutta celebrate this festival with proper dignity and cheering. Usually 14

How people of Dhaka is celebrating this day? My family and I went to see the boishaki ceremony at Ramna botomul. There were several check points to enter the celebration. First I and my wife were checked at Katabon moor. Later in Ramna park gate.

There was a long line to enter the Ramna park. Due to standing in the long line it brought little frustration among the people. The most attractive scene is young ladies wore white and red sari and there is rose and belly flower in their head. The men wore boishakhi panjabi and white trouser.

The major attraction of this boishakhi fair is cultural programs like folk songs, drama, dance etc. Comparing with other cultural groups Rishijo Shilpo Gushti's arrangement was excellent. No entry is required for enjoying their programs. They arranged a program infront of Shishu Park(near shabag) Fakir Alamgir,  Rotindranath  Roy, Abdul Halim Khan are among the others FOLK singers in the ceremony.
bangla new year 2017

Bad things:
There were many Mismanagement of the management team and Police of this boishaki festival ceremony.There was only one gate to enter at shahbag area to go to the ramna botomuli ceremony. and only one gate to exit from this ramna park. To get out  from the ramna park we had to wait more than 30 minutes.

The most bad thing is the police force do not let the woman to bring their bag or banity bag inside the park. Simply they are forcing to keep their bags to the gate but they are not maintaining proper identification fo those bags. They are not giving any token to get back their bags. So, missing of bag is very common issue in this poila boishak ceremony.

After checking police force is letting people enter the venue but why they will have to come in a long line to get out from the venue? I cannot get answer of this question. They could let people out freely without line. So, I will say it is bad decision of the poila boishak celebration management committee. It made extra frustration and dissatisfaction among the visitors.

Closing roads from all sides of Ramna Park is another annoying thing of the common people who regular travel shabag-gulistan, shabag-TSC, farmgate-shabag etc roads. Two biggest hospitals BIRDEM and PG hospital are located nearby venue spot. So, moving emergency patients from these two biggest hospital is very pathetic. When I came back from the boishakhi fair, I saw an ambulance was trying to get out but due huge crowd the exit process of the ambulance was disturbed so much.

Celebration of bangla new year

So, this kind of national programs can be celebrated in a big area like in front of Sangsad Bhaban(infront Parliament Building), Trade fair field or any other nearest places in Dhaka. On the other-hand so much strictness of security forces disturbed the celebration of poila boishak. Fakir Alamgir also criticized the police forces in his speech for imposing too much restriction for entering the venue. Mobile phone and bag were also seized even from the famous actors like A T M Shamsuzzaman and other singers in the venue. We hope government will think newly and take extra care for easy celebration of poila boishak of common people of Bangladesh.